Tips for Creating an Epic BLT

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Can a BLT get even better?

Tips for Creating an Epic BLT

I'm a big sandwich person and BLTs rank somewhere amongst the highest on my list of favorites. For me, they're one of the essential summer foods. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato between two pieces of toast. So simple, so delicious. I can't say there's any wrong way to make a BLT, either, but there might be a right way. BLTs didn't need to be improved, but it still doesn't hurt to try to improve upon one of the most delicious sandwiches there is. So, I compiled a list. It's a list of possibilities, BLT hacks if you will. Try implementing a few of them to your next BLT and see which ones you like.

Without further ado, here are a few tips for creating an epic BLT.

1. Try it with an egg

You might be skeptical about this one, but hear me out. We all know that eggs and bacon are a prime combo, one of the most classic combos known to mankind. So, next time you're making a BLT, fry up an over-easy egg and throw it down on top of your first piece of toast. Then add the rest of the ingredients. It will give your sandwich just a hint of breakfast-for-dinner energy, but not too much. It's mostly just an extra pop of flavor. Try it out, you'll be surprised!

2. Salt and pepper it up

I'm a big believer in adding a little salt and pepper to sandwiches. When it comes to a BLT, lay down your tomatoes then hit them with a generous amount of salt and pepper. The tomatoes will absorb it, and it'll spice up the whole sandwich. You can never go wrong with salt and pepper!

3. Grill your bread

Toasters are great, but nothing beats the grill. Or even the fry pan. Sure, if you're crunched for time, your BLT will still taste great on toast out of the toaster. But if you've got a little bit of time, invest in your BLT. Hit the bread with a little bit of butter and grill it on both sides. You'll be left with a crunch and a pop of flavor that the toaster just doesn't provide.

4. A little avocado never hurts

We all love avocados, and they go perfectly with all of the other flavors happening on a BLT. You can even substitute some spread avocado for mayonnaise as a healthier alternative.

5. Tomato bacon lettuce

Is there a right order to put ingredients on a sandwich? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm going to argue in favor of the TBL order. That doesn't sound as good as BLT, but here's why: tomatoes go first (second to the fried egg if you're doing that) because they're the flattest ingredient and the most slippery. You have to start with a stable foundation, and the tomatoes can start to slip to the sides if they're not on the bottom. Nobody wants their sandwich to fall apart. The bacon goes next, and be generous with it. Bacon may not be flat but it's a little sturdier than lettuce, which goes on last. Top it off with your second piece on bread and you're good to go. I'm always an advocate of slicing sandwiches in a triangle.

6. Experiment with your sauces

I'm always encouraging creativity when it comes to food, and a BLT is a great opportunity to get creative. Think about your favorite sauces or condiments. Now think about them on a BLT. Next on my list to try is ranch, chipotle sauce, and honey mustard. You don't know until you try it!

These tips might help you make a more perfect BLT, but really, there's no pressure. A BLT will always be delicious. So get stackin'! I hope you have fun trying out some of these BLT hacks. Is there anything I missed? Leave a comment!

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