The Nostalgic Appeal Some People Have for Soda Shops Today

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Where did soda shops go?

The Nostalgic Appeal Some People Have for Soda Shops Today

Today, Soda Shops are somewhat unknown. However, back in the 1950s and up until the 70s, they were prominent inside the local drugstore in a lot of towns we lived in. For children and teens of these eras, it was fun to go in and look around the store, then sit down on one of the silver stools that lined the soda counter for a cherry cola with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Soda Shops Still Exist in Some Rural Old Town Settings

Nowadays, most soda shop counters have become extinct in growing cities, and drugstores have become more modernized to accommodate busier societies. Even so, there are some that still remain in some rural areas of a few states. These towns have kept the nostalgic feel of what a soda shop represents. Although most of these current shops are no longer intertwined within a drugstore, they do keep a focus on the past and some add that old diner feel to the atmosphere as well with Doo-Wop type menus.

As times are continuously evolving in such a fast-paced motion, it is nice that there are some soda shops still around in which we can visit to get our fizzy fix. Some people who travel around looking for these types of yesteryear experiences have argued that there is no soda like the one you will be served in an old-fashioned soda shop. They are convinced that there must be some secret ingredient that makes the soda still taste as bubbly and bold as when they were back in the day.

Determining the Different Effects of Soda Shop Pop Vs. Bottled Soda

After all, it is all in the burp, right? Well, honestly, that would be hard to confirm, as science gives facts on why soda makes us burp. However, it is true that there is a difference between a soda shop drink and a regular soda we buy from the market. A lot of it has to do with the fountain drink compared to the bottled type. Also, soda makers in the shops use different mixtures of flavors, which they use to concoct the special soda shop recipes.

Even so, it is interesting that some feel the burps from a soda shop are more consistent than the ones we would have if drinking straight from a labeled bottle. So, what are the causes of burping? Well, there are several reasons. And if truth be told, it is not only soda drinks that make this happen. Nevertheless, here is a list of some common explanations to the burping mystery when they come from soda satisfactory:

  • Carbonated Bubbles
  • Swallowing Air
  • Drinking too Many Sodas

These are the obvious reasons that a person of science would give us as to why burping occurs when we drink soda. The amount you burp really has nothing to do with the type of soda you drink or where it comes from. It would be a good guess that if you believe that a soda shop pop is more likely to win you a burping contest, then that is a bit of a grandiose way of interpreting the effects of the different ways to drink soda.

The Way Old Soda Shops Can Take Us Back in Time

Finally, in today's neighborhoods, visiting a soda shop is more than just coming in for a refreshment. For the baby boomers, it is a way to take a stroll back in time and share memories of their younger years with the grandchildren. Soda Shops are special retreats to capture past days of simplicity and innocence.

We now live in a world of technology where nothing we do comes easy. Competition to thrive in our world overrides the little things that give pleasure to the people of the past. For this reason, soda shops that are still present in some towns have given pause to the ones who visit them. It is more about reliving history than drinking a Black Cow. However, those are delicious too.

Sasha McGregor
Sasha McGregor
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