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The Curiosity With Coriander ...

by Ashley Terrell 11 days ago in cuisine

The Spice Influencer

The Curiosity With Coriander ...
Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Growing up, I didn't learn about spices and herbs. I was focused more on eye-popping plating and petite portions. As I broaden my palette, I've discovered how spices and herbs possess the inspiration packed into each dish. The hands simply prepare and cook the meal.

While I wanted to learn more about cuisine dishes, I needed to broaden my perspective and palette to different spices and herbs, like cumin.

I began using cumin during my early years of food competitions and recipe development.

Every time I went to a restaurant, the combination of ingredients always blew my taste buds BACK by how spices, herbs, and foods all have equal responsibility to inspire me to return or try my hand with my own rendition recipe.

By Amisha Nakhwa on Unsplash

On the contrary to my usual use of fresh garlic and herbs, cumin is one of my go-to spices for my proteins, vegetables, marinades, and salad dressings.

Also known as Coriandrum sativum, coriander is an international spice that has captived mouths at the dinner table.

Cumin is related to parsley, carrots, and celery.

The seeds of the plant are brown-colored microscopic tennis balls. The cumin seeds are typically grounded which is why we're able to find the deep earthly spice in the grocery store.

The leaves are known as cilantro, which has an unusual taste, most describe cilantro to taste like soap. However, it's the "taste bud popping" ingredient to elevate salsas, dips, and other international cuisine dishes.

Cumin originated in the Mediterranean as part of the Apiaceae plant family.

The flexible spice is popular in Mexico as well as throughout the United States.

In India, cumin is known as Dhania.

Cumin is also known as the plant, Chinese parsley.

The earthy-tasting spice has a strong influence within Latin, African, and Indian cuisines!

Below are a few reasons why cumin is an influential spice to add to your next grocery list.

Nature calling will become easier.

There's nothing worse than when your digestive system has your stomach sounding off like angry zoo animals. Whether it's stress or struggles with time management, our delicate digestive system can fall victim to health ailments. For example, irritable bowel syndrome can complicate your health in the bathroom.

Cumin contains antioxidants and dietary fiber that helps the liver and eases bowel movements.

Research showed cumin has analgesic properties which are therapeutic for IBS sufferers.

Coriander oil can promote healthy digestion.

An eight-week study with 32 participants with irritable bowel syndrome, known as IBS, showed 30 drops of cumin-infused herbal medication lowered abdominal pain, bloating, and discomfort.

Don't overreact, honey. Your heart ...

High bad cholesterol and blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular ailments that shorten many lives.

Good cardiovascular health allows you to live with fewer complications.

Adding cumin to your favorite recipes can help lower the risk of bad "LDL" cholesterol.

Coriander extract can act as a diuretic that aids in removing sodium and excess water.

According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, cumin can lower blood pressure.

Studies in The British Journal of Nutrition suggested extract oils from cumin seeds can regulate glucose levels.

Goodbye, skin irritation!

Growing up, I suffered from scabies, today known as eczema. It didn't matter how many oatmeal baths I soaked my body in, the itchy feeling didn't seem to go away.

One of the side effects I suffered with was tannish-white colored blotches on my face. My pecan tan skin complexion was overpowered with inflamed light-colored blotches covered my face. Whether I covered my face with makeup or natural, the ugly mini-mountains growing on my face.

As much as the dermatologist advise the steroids, I didn't want to continue with continuous prescriptions and medications. At that point, I was willing to figure out a holistic remedy to resolve my skin dilemma.

It wasn't until I changed my eating plan I saw a difference in my skin struggle. When I tossed out salt and added cumin [to my spice rack], I noticed a change in my skin, the degree of irritation, and the duration of taking prescribed steroids [to cure the irritation internally].

The linoleic acid found in cumin helps relieves irritation.

Studies at California of Ayurveda showed cumin seeds can ease skin complications, such as itchy skin, eczema, and rashes.

Improve your overall health ...

Just as your blood pressure and cholesterol are important, so is your immune health.

The Apiaceae plant is rich in antioxidants that can help disinfect, detox the overall body, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties, as well as oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and ascorbic acid.

Cumin has eleven elements of essential oils, six types of acid, including linoleic acid, and beneficial properties.

Vitamins A and C found in cumin nurtures your retinas, lubricates your eyes, and improves your overall eye health. Cumin is packed with vitamin K which helps bone repair and development.

Cumin is packed with multiple antioxidants to extend your healthy life.

Anti-cancer properties, like terpinene, quercetin, tocopherols, carry neuroprotective effects.

Cumin possesses anti-microbial properties that are helpful for fighting food-borne illnesses and infections.

My cumin recommendations for ALL foodies...

My favorite cumin seasonings are Stella Bistro Foods Marinade Rub Sultry Spice and Stella Bistro Foods Chili Tex Mex Sultry Spice.

The signature cumin-influenced blends are great for my olive oil salad dressings, protein marinades, and my semi-secret ingredient for my crowd-pleasing appetizers, soups, stews, and chowders.

Which do you prefer cooking with?

Cumin spice?

Cilantro leaves?

Subscribe, tip, and let's talk about your curiosities about coriander below!


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Bestselling author. Entrepreneur. Seasonings and spices saved my life. Where sheep and angels share the same color. Newport News, VA. Conqueror and lover of all things Fine Arts.

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