The Best Mexican Foods

by Miguel Flores 2 years ago in cuisine

The only and the best food is Mexican food.

The Best Mexican Foods

Growing up in a Mexican household, I had the privilege—and still have the privilege—of eating the best Mexican dishes ever. The Mexican culture has the best foods ever, from tacos to birria. The list could go on and on. I have so many choices, and I still managed to make a top five. My top list is mostly from the foods I grew up on; foods that my mom made while I grew up, and still makes them. Foods that I had when growing up were the best.

Number One:

On the top of the list is tacos, of course. Tacos are the Mexican hamburgers. They are street food kings. When you're out and about, getting hungry, but you're far from your house, you will get tacos. Tacos are, most of the time, made from meat: beef, chicken, and many other types of meat, or even vegetables. Pretty much anything you could think of as long as it is wrapped in a corn tortilla or flour tortilla. The price for a taco is low, making easy to get and very fast to make.

Number Two:

Taking the second spot is birria. Birria is a stew made from goat meat. Yes! I said goat meat. I know if you're deep in American culture, you would think it is nasty. When you get through that part and finally get the courage to eat it, you would see how good it is. Birria is, most of the time, made for weddings or any other parties. The making of it takes mostly two days. The best part is that it can also be put in a taco, and that is why it is in the second spot—and for the drinkers reading this, it is also said to be a good cure for hangovers.

Number Three:

Coming in third is tortas. Tortas are also a street food, but more of a full meal. Where you could maybe eat six or ten tacos, you could only eat like max three tortas in one sitting. Tortas are made in bread with meat in it—usually some chicken or pork. Depending on where you are in Mexico, the bread would be named differently. Some places would call them bolillos. You could say they are French bread. It is the best sandwich you could think of, at least that is what comes to my mind. Tortas are always good, but do not have the taste as birria, giving it the third spot.

Number Four:

Making the fourth spot is caldo. Caldo is a soup made with chicken or beef with vegetables, plus it will have corn and even potatoes. When it comes down to eating it, you will put lime juice in and eat it with tortillas and a jalapeño. Caldo is the healthiest dish on this list; it is great when you have a cold or just want to get the protein and good vitamins from the vegetables.

Number Five:

The last dish on the list is one that could have easily made first, but the thing with this dish is it sometimes sounds nasty to people, or even me. Menudo. Menudo is another soup that is made of tripe. Tripe is the cow's stomach. The tripe gets prepared the day before. Menudo is also good for hangovers...not that I know, but it is said to be. The dish, when served, would have chopped onion and lime in it, and it is not Mexican without Chile, so grab your salsa and put some salsa in it.

The list was hard to make, considering all the great tasting dishes Mexico has. I left out some dishes that just quite could not make the list. Dishes like; Chilaquiles, quesadillas, and tostadas, these dishes are great too, but just could not beat my top five.

Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores
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