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The 10 Best Cooking Courses on Udemy

by Iggy Paulsen 3 years ago in how to

So, you want to cook like Jamie Oliver, but you don't have the dough for culinary school? These cooking courses on Udemy can help you get there.

Cooking isn't just a hobby; it's a life skill that can change your health, your social life, and your ability to stick to a budget. Even if you don't want to be a professional chef, being able to whip something up quickly is a good skill to have.

It used to be that learning how to cook a meal would require you to attend culinary school or take a home economics class. If you were lucky enough to have a relative who was a kitchen wiz, they might be able to offer up a helping hand.

Not all of us have those luxuries around us though. Thanks to the internet, we don't need to have them, either. These awesome cooking courses on Udemy let you learn how to cook like a pro, all without having to leave the comfort of your home.

If you want to learn a new style of cooking or just nail down the basics, these cooking classes will be the best picks you can get.

The very best chefs in the world would be nowhere if they didn't master basic cooking skills first. If you want to work in the restaurant industry or just cook like a restauranteur, you need to get the very basics down.

This class is taught by Chef Viorel Copolovici of Le Cordon Bleu. It teaches you 17 of the most important techniques used by professional chefs, and makes it all easy enough for a kitchen newbie to understand.

Everything from showing you how to butcher a chicken to boiling pasta like a pro is covered here. You'll see your cooking skills improve phenomenally from this class; and if you like what you learn, you'll be happy to hear that he also has a Part 2.

Currently, this is considered to be one of the best cooking courses on Udemy by students. I'm inclined to agree.

Let's face it. Most of us don't have the kind of time, patience, or resources to whip up seared steak or duck a l'orange on a daily basis. This is especially true if you're a single dad who's just starting to remember what life was like before you had a wife whipping up goodies for you.

Food prep doesn't have to be an entire ordeal. Cooking Lessons for Dad is a class that shows you how to prep healthy, fast meals that are easy as a slice of pie. Your taste buds (and kids) will thank you for taking this course.

When you're single and trying to look for an easy way to cook a meal, you can't beat a wok. Woks are curved frying pans that heat up quickly, are easy to clean, and are perfect for stir-fries.

Learning to use a wok like a pro can change the way you eat, and that's precisely what Cook Like a Wok Star offers up. It's not just a way to eat; it's a way to live!

This is one of the best cooking classes on Udemy for people who don't have the time to look at a recipe, or just need to make do with what they have on hand. You'll learn how to cook using traditional Asian techniques, blend your own food combos, and work wonders with a wok.

Did you ever wonder what Bear Grylls would do if he had to host a cooking show? I'd wager that it'd be a lot like Wild Foods. This is not your typical cooking class, even by regular culinary school standards.

Rather than just focus on cooking, this class will help you identify wild plants that you can eat, learn how to harvest them, and then teach you how to prep them.

It's one of the most unique cooking courses on Udemy, and definitely worth a look if you want to be a hardcore outdoors survivalist.

Thai is now one of the hottest cuisine types in America, and it's a cooking style that is pretty hard to nail down. This Interactive Thai Cooking Class currently remains one of the top cooking courses on Udemy to focus on Thai cuisine.

It's true. You're just a single online class away from learning how to cook great Thai food and avoiding the worst cooking mistakes people make when trying to prepare this cuisine. Whether you just want to have better Pad Thai, or you want to learn how to make a truly savory curry, this class will have you set!

One of the best reasons to start looking for cooking classes is to learn how to make food that will improve your health, personal wellbeing, and also lead you towards a better overall lifestyle. That's why anyone who wants to eat well should look into Cook Real Food.

This online class will help you learn how to make delicious, vitamin-rich meals that are great for everyday eating.

Date nights are not easy to plan for, especially when it comes to figuring out how to impress that special someone. The best way to make sure you give your date the right impression is to surprise them with a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Cook Like a Man is a great way to learn how to cook like a chef, while also giving you some epic recipes to please your date. The course starts off with basic skills, then delves into some seriously delicious date night fare.

A lot of cooking courses on Udemy focus in on ingredients that are sometimes a little bit too pricey for people to afford on a typical weeknight. That's what makes the Noodles Mastery Course such a good choice for broke students on a budget.

Currently hailed as one of the best cooking courses on Udemy by students, the Noodles Mastery Course teaches you how to make mouthwateringly delicious and authentic Asian dishes using noodles. This class also offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

If you're a fan of Asian cooking and love your ramen, this class will be the only one you'll want to try. It may even replace all the food and cooking hacks for university you've been using.

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the entire world, and there's good reason for it. Italy is the land that brought us pizza, pasta, tiramisu, and lasagna. Cooking like a true Italian is something many of us wish we could do.

Basic Italian Cooking Skills gives you the awesome lessons you need in order to cook like you just came from Tuscany. The cooking skills you'll learn won't limit you to just Italian cuisine; you can use them in just about any situation.

Are you ready to try better Italian comfort food recipes at home, and kick Pizza Hut to the curb? Anyone who loves classic Italian fare will tell you that this is one of the best cooking courses on Udemy.

Indian cuisine is incredibly spicy, savory, and impressive. It's also a cuisine category that is notorious for being difficult to cook unless you were raised in a household that knows all the tips and tricks.

Indian Culinary World is currently one of the top-selling cooking courses on Udemy, and I'm willing to bet it's because of how awesome it is at teaching people to cook a higher difficulty cuisine. If you love your saag, tandoori chicken, and naan, you better ask for this class by name!

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