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5 different stories for kids

By Mbanwie JobblingPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

21. The Boy Who Sold Wisdom

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was known for his wisdom. One day, he decided to sell his wisdom to people who needed it. He traveled from village to village, offering his wisdom to those who wanted it.

Many people bought his wisdom, and the boy became rich. However, one day, the boy came across a poor farmer who couldn’t afford his wisdom. The boy felt sorry for the farmer and decided to give him his wisdom for free.

The farmer was amazed by the boy’s generosity and asked him why he gave away his wisdom for free. The boy replied, “True wisdom is not something that can be bought or sold. It’s something that should be shared with everyone.”

The farmer learned that true wisdom comes from sharing and helping others. He thanked the boy and promised to share his wisdom with others.

Moral of the Story : “True wisdom is sharing with others.”

22. The Rat and the Elephant

Once upon a time, a little rat was playing in the jungle when she saw a huge elephant. The rat had never seen an elephant before and was fascinated by its size.

As she watched the elephant, she started to feel envious of its size and strength. She thought to herself, “If only I were as big as that elephant, I could do anything.”

Just then, the elephant saw the rat and said, “Hello little friend, what’s troubling you?”

The rat replied, “I wish I were as big and strong as you. Then I could do anything.”

The elephant smiled and said, “Don’t be envious of my size. You have your own unique strengths that make you special.”

The rat thought about what the elephant had said and realized that she had her own strengths. She was small and quick, which allowed her to do things the elephant couldn’t.

From that day on, the rat embraced her own strengths and learned to appreciate herself for who she was.

Moral of the Story: “Everyone has their own unique strengths.”

23. The Two Frogs

Once upon a time, in a pond lived two frogs, one was big and the other was small. One day, they both decided to hop out of the pond and explore the nearby fields.

As they were hopping along, they suddenly saw a big field full of wheat. The small frog got very excited and exclaimed, “Wow! This field has so many delicious wheat grains. We are so lucky to have found it!”

But the big frog was not impressed. He said, “This is not our pond, and we don’t know who owns this field. We should be careful and not take things that don’t belong to us.”

The small frog didn’t listen and kept eating the wheat grains. Suddenly, they both heard a loud noise, and a farmer appeared with a stick. The big frog quickly jumped into the pond, but the small frog got caught by the farmer.

The big frog tried to rescue his friend but it was too late. The small frog regretted not listening to his friend’s advice.

Moral of the Story: “Listen to your elders and be cautious.”

24. The Mice and the Weasels

Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a group of mice and a group of weasels. The weasels were always bullying the mice, stealing their food and making their lives miserable. One day, the mice decided to hold a meeting to come up with a plan to deal with the weasels. One brave mouse suggested that they should ask the owl for help.

The owl, being wise, suggested that the mice should form an alliance with the bats and the sparrows. They could share their resources and defend themselves against the weasels. The mice took the advice and formed an alliance, and soon, the weasels realized that they could no longer bully the mice.

Moral of the Story: “Unity is Strength”.

25. The Farmer and His Sons

Once upon a time, there was a wise farmer who had four sons. He was getting old and worried about who would take care of his farm after he passed away. One day, the farmer called his sons and gave each of them a stick, then asked them to break it. They all did it easily. Then, he gave each of them four sticks tied together and asked them to break it. None of them could do it.

The farmer said, “My sons, you see how easy it is to break one stick, but it’s impossible to break four sticks tied together. This is the same with you. If you stay united, no one can harm you. But if you are divided, you will be like these sticks, easily broken.”

The sons understood the lesson and promised to always stay united. After that, they worked together and took care of the farm after their father passed away.

Moral of the Story: “Unity is strength.”

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