Stop Throwing Away Strawberry Leaves

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Strawberry leaves have many health benefits that you might not know.

Stop Throwing Away Strawberry Leaves

Most people love strawberries, but they throw the leaves away because they may not know the tops are just as edible as the rest of the berry. When people throw the leaves away, they miss out on their benefits.

Strawberries, like most fruits and vegetables, have nutrients in the parts that are usually discarded. You probably know that the skin of some fruits and vegetables have nutrients in them and are edible. The leaves and stems of strawberries are just as valuable.

Health Benefits of Strawberry Leaves

Strawberries leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and other nutrients the body needs. The leaves are a source of potassium, which will keep blood pressure regulated. They are a source of manganese to regulate brain and nerve function. The leaves are also a source of magnesium that helps regulate muscle and heart functions.

Strawberry leaves contain vitamins A, C, and K to help keep the body functioning as it should. The leaves help to eliminate bloating, stop diarrhea, aid in digestion, cures nausea, stop stomach cramps and settles an upset stomach.

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Make delicious smoothies by washing strawberries and throwing the whole berry including the leaves into a blender. Resist the urge to throw the tops away. If you use them, you will get extra nutrients that your body needs that you might not get from other foods and drinks.

If you ever get tired of drinking plain water, simply drop a handful of strawberry leaves in a glass of water. The longer you leave the tops in the water, the better the water will taste. People who have done this say they love the fruity taste. This is good for people who drink a lot of water but get tired of drinking it plain. You can also use strawberry leaves in your cup of hot tea or glass of cold tea for added flavor and to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

To spruce up your alcoholic beverages, add strawberry leaves to gin, rum, and vodka. The drink will have a delicious strawberry flavor.

Make salad dressing by adding strawberry leaves to vinegar. Set aside for about an hour before pouring the mixture on top of your salad for a delicious dish.

Crush strawberry leaves and put them on your favorite meat dishes such as baked chicken, pork chops and steaks. The leaves will give the meats more flavor. They can also be put in salads and soups.

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Use Strawberry Leaves on Your Body

Stop suffering from arthritis. Strawberry leaves are loaded with a compound that can remove water from aching joints to reduce inflammation. The leave will give relief from arthritis no matter where the discomfort is in your body.

Strawberry tops will act as a laxative when you are constipated. Simply steep the leaves in boiled water for a few minutes. Remove the leaves and drink the water. You may add honey to sweeten the water if you like. Drink it either hot or cold for healthy bowel movements.

If you need to reduce inflammation from your face, boil strawberry tops in one cup of water. Drain the leaves, and let the water cool off before applying it to your face. You will quickly see a change in your appearance.

Your dentist will probably never tell you that strawberry leaves will help you get rid of plaque from your teeth. In order to keep your teeth white and healthy, dip strawberry tops in baking soda. Then rub your teeth and leave the mixture on for a couple of minutes. Brush and rinse your teeth as usual. After only a few uses, you will see some positive results.

Store Strawberry Leaves

If you don't need to use strawberry leaves right away, put them in a sealed container and keep them in the refrigerator for a few days. If you don't intend to use them for a while, you can freeze them for a few months. They will still be good to use whenever you need them.

Margaret Minnicks
Margaret Minnicks
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