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Stella's Lounge

Grand Rapids' Favorite Lounge

Stella's Lounge, Downtown Grand Rapids

Downtown Grand Rapids nightlife is hopping with bars, breweries, concert halls, and restaurants to satisfy any need a person could have during a night on the town! It is quickly becoming the big city that Grand Rapids needs! Though there are many awesome places Downtown that are amazing, there are a few places that stand out as being some of the best. Stella's Lounge is not only a bar for the late night, but is an amazing restaurant as well. Open later in the day it, serves as a place to eat a delicious dinner before going to your next stop on the itinerary for the night—or a place to stay and hangout with good food and drinks if you want to stick around for the night! With a waiting area lined with old arcade games, the wait time for one of the ever popular tables in the old-school Gothic Punk styled restaurant is so much more enjoyable!

A Look at Stella's Lounge from the Back of the Restaurant

Stella's Lounge is best known for their one of a kind, stuffed burgers and their "Chronic Fries." Stella's, in my opinion, is by far one of the best places to get a burger in Grand Rapids! It is good to know that many other locals agree as it was voted to be best burger in town. The burgers that the chefs here whip up are so large that they have to stick a giant knife through them just to keep them together! My absolute favorite burger that they serve here is the "Gov't Cheese." The burger is stuffed with gooey cheese and topped with another slice of cheese an onion ring! What could make a burger better than that?! Stella's also offers a menu that is unique to other bars and restaurants. There are items on there that one normally would not picture to be on a bar menu. Dishes like jumbo stuffed tater tots, which is another favorite, fried avocado, and bacon fat popcorn. There are many vegetarian and vegan options here too which is nice for those needing those items on a menu. They even have a veggie burger so that even people that don't eat meat can try one of their famous burgers! It definitely helps give Stella's a well-rounded and all inclusive vibe for the restaurant.

One of Stella's Famous Stuffed Burgers

Gov't Cheese

Stella's Lounge is host to two bars for patrons to utilize while out for the night. The front bar and restaurant area are good for those wanting to sit, hangout, and eat yummy foods while on a night out. The back bar is where they have a dance floor and a DJ. Stella's even has a signature drink: Stella's Punch. Like a Long Island Iced Tea, but more potent (the limit is two per person) and even better, if I do say so myself. You even get to keep your very own Stella's Punch Cup! The bars host events such as Trivia Night, Drunken Retort (spoken word poetry for those new to Grand Rapids and Stella's), Burger Night, and Back Room dance parties to bring in more members of the community. They even have a brunch every Sunday with a build your own bloody Mary!

With everything Stella's has to offer, it is a must-see when visiting Grand Rapids. Go and get your hands on a massive stuffed burger and snack on some Chronic Fries while you get funky in Stella's back bar! If you are ever in Downtown Grand Rapids, don't forget to stop in and check it out! Whether it is for a night out, a late lunch, or midnight snack, you will absolutely not be disappointed.

Find Stella's Lounge at 53 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI, 49503

Lindsay Clay
Lindsay Clay
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