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Ru Ru's Tacos and Tequila

Where Every Bite and Sip is a Fiesta

By Kim Joseph Published 12 months ago 4 min read
Ru Ru's Tacos & Tequila Charlotte, North Carolina

The first round of warm sun graced Charlotte three weeks ago, the evidence of Spring in the air illustrated by the little girl riding her bike through the neighborhood. With nothing but shorts and a tank top on, she cycled past me, the sun's rays creating a golden glow on her arms and legs.

Like many people, I come alive in the warmth of the sun; winter can keep its blues and the short, dark days that come with it. To celebrate the change of season, I took my mom out to eat at a restaurant I had been wanting to try for months. Among other things, I'm a full-time Journalist and a self-proclaimed foodie and first discovered this restaurant last Summer and hurriedly added Ru Ru's Tacos & Tequila to my list of "Places to Try" in my Keep Notes app. As we pulled into the parking lot it was like I arrived to a charming, colonial village square of Mexico. The interior matches the vibes and as we made our way to the host to be seated, we were greeted by the focal point of the restaurant--the bar--made of brightly colored tiles and stocked with an impressive selection of tequila, the perfect spot to grab a drink and soak up the lively atmosphere leading to the outdoor patio where we decided to eat.

Location: Ru Ru's Tacos & Tequila 715 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207

Ambiance: The outdoor patio at Ru Ru's Tacos and Tequila is the perfect spot for a sunny afternoon or a warm summer night. The ambiance is relaxed and inviting, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a cold margarita and some delicious Mexican food. The patio is surrounded by greenery, creating a natural and peaceful atmosphere that's perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. The patio is shaded, with a mix of umbrellas and trees providing relief from the sun. The seating is comfortable, with a mix of tables and booths perfect for groups or couples.

Service: Our server must have been on siesta. He was a bit slow and seemed preoccupied but we overlooked all of that because of the good part... The food and drinks!

Food: I know this is the part you've been waiting for! So, without further ado let's get into it. For starters, we ordered the Billy Ray Valentine which was queso loaded with chorizo, spicy corn relish, and cilantro served with tortilla chips and it was an explosion of flavor in every bite. The queso itself is creamy and rich, with a hint of spice from the chorizo. The spicy corn relish adds a burst of freshness and a little kick of heat, perfectly balanced by the coolness of the cilantro. The chorizo is the star of the dish, with its bold and savory flavor complementing the creaminess of the queso. The spices in the chorizo add depth and complexity to the dish, making each bite more satisfying than the last. The spicy corn relish is the perfect addition to the queso and chorizo, adding a pop of sweetness and texture. The cilantro adds a touch of freshness and herbaceousness, rounding out the flavors of the dish. This dip alone could've been our meal and I would've been happy.

Billy Ray Valentine

For a main course, we decided to order a bunch of tacos and share them. One with chicken, one with fish and one with skirt steak. We ordered the I'll have what she's having, which consisted of grilled mahi, lettuce, avocado, cilantro, and pineapple salsa. We ordered Homewrecker, which was cilantro marinated skirt steak, lettuce, sautéed peppers and onions, pepper jack cheese, chipotle aioli and cilantro. The last taco we ordered was You're Going the Wrong way with marinated chicken, lettuce, avocado, cilantro, chipotle aioli, and pico.

I'll Have What She's Having Taco

You're Going the Wrong Way Taco

My favorite taco out the bunch was the Homewrecker. In addition to the marinated skirt steak, the taco is filled with fresh, crispy lettuce that provides a nice crunch to the dish. Sautéed peppers and onions are also added to the taco, which provide a slightly sweet and savory flavor to the dish. To add a bit of heat and smokiness to the taco, pepper jack cheese is added. The cheese has a mild, spicy flavor that pairs well with the other ingredients in the dish. To finish off the taco, a generous dollop of chipotle aioli is added. The aioli is a creamy, spicy sauce that adds a lot of depth and flavor to the dish. Finally, fresh cilantro is sprinkled on top of the taco, which adds a bright and herbaceous flavor that perfectly complements the other ingredients.

Homewrecker Taco

For drinks, my mom had a classic mojito which was really refreshing and I had the Shaken Not Stirred frozen margarita with Bacardi rum, simple syrup, mint, and lime juice topped with soda. If you like your drinks strong, they will not disappoint.

Shaken Not Stirred Margarita

Price: Overall, everything totaled $54.75.

Rating: 9/10


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