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Protein Packed Low Calorie French Toast

by Rhianon Condello 10 months ago in recipe

All the macro friendly goodness without sacrificing taste!

If this is your first visit to my recipes, welcome! If you are a returner, thank you!

I am a true believer that the world of food should be open to a person and moderation in all things is a great way to live life, that’s why I specialize in creating macro-friendly recipes that are much easier to “fit” in moderation.

As you get to know me, you will find that all my recipes use a moderate to few amount of ingredients because I also believe that cooking should be stress free and not break the budget.

If there are any recipes you’d like me to make “macro friendly” please message me on my Instagram (@boho_nutrition), I’d be more than happy to come up with one!

Breakfast foods are one of my favorite types of food to eat! I seriously could eat breakfast for all three meals no problem! Give me good pancakes, french toast, eggs, sausage (vegetarian in my case) and coffee and I’m living my beast life. (But seriously who doesn't like breakfast foods?)

However, when we think of these foods we often think of the very calorie dense versions with high sugar toppings which can really impede progress toward our goals. That’s why I have come up with protein packed, lower calorie versions of my favorite foods!

Quick tip Walden Farms makes great calorie free maple syrup that does not cause GI distress (in my case) and has good flavor, highly recommend it for your sweet breakfast dishes!

Other toppings that I really enjoy are greek cream cheese, banana or just confectioners style no calorie sweetener, such as Monks fruit or powdered stevia. Feel free to have fun and think outside the box with your french toast toppings, after all the macros on the toast it’s self are so good you have room to play!

I would love to hear your personal spin on any of my recipes feel free to tag me in your recipe creation posts. I enjoy it!

This recipe is suitable for bariatric patients, lacto-ovo vegetarians, body builders, anyone who is practicing moderation or just someone looking for a fun healthy breakfast!

For more macro-friendly recipes, lifestyle posts and bodybuilding posts feel free to follow my instagram @boho_nutrition!


Makes Two Pieces of French Toast With Topping

Cookware required

Skillet or Griddle

Prep Time

Approx. 10 min

Cooking Time

Approx. 5 min

Total Time

Approx. 15 min

Difficulty Level



-(150g) liquid egg whites

-2 slices of bread of choice (I use 6-4-7 italian)

-Vanilla extract (optional)

-1 tsp (5g) cinnamon (optional)

-Olive oil spray

Easy Blueberry Compote

-1/8C (30g) Frozen blueberries

-No calorie sweetener to taste

Nutrition Facts

Whole dish with topping

Calories 195

Fat 3g

Carb 31g

Protein 20g

Nutrition Facts

Just the french toast

Calories 195

Fat 3g

Carb 27g

Protein 20g


Spray skillet with olive oil spray and warm on medium heat

Add egg whites and spices to a bowl

Dip the bread into the mix

Add bread to skillet any extra egg white just pour over bread

Cover and let bread pan fry until golden, flip to get both sides

Add compote ingredients to a bowl with a little extra water (~3Tbs) and microwave or warm in a small saucepan on stove top

Add more no calorie sweetener as needed

Feel free to top with Walden Farms calorie free syrup, light butter (I like light Earth Balance or Smart Balance), fat free whip or greek cream cheese!

Feel free to tell your friends all about my recipes, I’d appreciate it!

Tag me in any recipes you try!! @boho_nutrition

(I would love to hear your honest reviews positive or negative!)

Just a reminder: for more macro-friendly recipes, lifestyle posts and bodybuilding posts feel free to follow my Instagram @boho_nutrition!

Rhianon Condello RDN, BSN, RN

Rhianon Condello
Rhianon Condello
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