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Prison Break

by Aaron 2 months ago in movie review
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Happiness of life is not every day let us think about what we don't have, that we are not happy, the happiness of life is to think about what we have, we will be happy, if you have nothing for you and dejected upon, you to think you still have the most precious things as a person, a may not be available in certain era, that is -- -- -- -- -- - free

Binge-watched Prison Break again.

This time watching "Prison Break", no less than the first shock; Even more than the first time touched my heart!

Watch the series from the beginning. I think this American drama has the necessity and value to enjoy many times. So, just keep it all. Recently, I have time to enjoy myself again.

Prison Break is a brotherly love story. Brother Michael, in order to save the unjustly dying brother Lincoln, and at the rate of physical murder into the cage, with his brother escaped from prison. After fleeing Panama, Michael to save his girlfriend Sarah, and was locked up in Panama's Sona prison. Brother Lincoln and save his brother Michael exhausted efforts. During those days on the run, as well as during the struggle against the Company, the two brothers had endured each other's hardships and loved each other deeply.

Prison Break is an uncomplicated story, but the plot is extremely complicated. You can imagine the difficulty of rescuing a prisoner from death row in Fox River, one of the most heavily guarded prisons in the United States. Michael planned carefully and imagined various scenarios. Still, there were many unexpected things that happened along the way. Michael, by virtue of his extraordinary cleverness and intelligence, was -- was resolved. In these tests of blood and fire, life and death, Michael brothers and prison doctor Sarah, Sucre, agent Alex, Brad and other prison guards formed a deep friendship. Their escape and escape were also aided by these people. In the progress of the story, there are many flashes of humanity and moving scenes. Sarah for their escape, completely changed the fate, also involved in the death of his father. Sucre was almost buried alive for their escape. Alex gave up a good career for them, too.

Prison Break also shows us a different side of humanity. For money, anything can be sold, anything can be thrown away. Kidnapper, pedophile Tibago in order to get money, anti cloud cover rain, always snitch, betray his partner. Homeland Security agent Jim in order to obtain "Sierra", and sold the interests of the country, but also sold the lives of his accomplices. Michael's mother is willing to sacrifice her son and his girlfriend in order to obtain the huge benefits of "Sierra". General, the head of the Company, kills people for profit. Power, money in the eyes of many people above everything, they therefore, what can be ignored. In the narration of the story, we can compare the two cars and see Michael's emphasis on affection and righteousness.

Michael is undoubtedly the hero of the story. His character is noble, conscience, responsibility, do not harm people and save people; He has feelings and righteousness, regard friendship as priceless, love relatives, love friends, willing to go through fire and water for them; He is a man of gratitude, a man of conscience. The fire of his love with Sarah is the sublimation of gratitude. From the play, we can also see that the American values of gratitude and honesty. They often say: I owe you. So they will try to repay you.

"Prison Break" also has a lot of dedicated people. Whether their profession is justified or not, their loyalty to their profession and their dedication to it are admirable. Like Brad the prison guard, Gretchen the Company employee, black hit man and so on. And many of them take money from men, and do evil for them, and take advantage of them, and do business for them. That's for sure.

"Prison Break" is intense, full of twists and turns. There is prison break, there is anti-prison break; Where there is flight, there will be pursuit; Where there is buying, there is selling; There is a problem, there is a crack; There is a way out, there is a cage,, fight mind, fight wisdom, fight will, fight perseverance. Watching people lose heart! The ending of the story is also convincing and satisfying. Michael went to heaven from overworry and a congenital brain disease. Little Michael is growing up with his mother Sarah. Lincoln lived freely in Central America with his girlfriend and son Elegie. The rest of the roles are justified.

Maybe seen friends say what ah, are all imaginary, don't know is that the writer of genius a set a set piece coined a secretary so let a person afflictive car series, are brothers, sisters, nothing but is nothing but a few people together to escape, was caught and escape, what is the company, and so on the spin of a continuous vice, have what ah.

Said nothing wrong, it only looked at a busy, we can see that the protagonist began as a simple escape, to escape, then find a suspect to hide a large sum of money come away with me, in the end after they get the so-called Scylla, they can get wealth is not the limit, but they chose not to compromise, In front of their freedom and peace of mind, they chose the latter without hesitation. The play was full of trials of life and death, choices of love and hate, and lingering love, but none of them was important, that is freedom.

When I was in high school, I read a poem by Hungarian poet Pedofi, Life is precious, but love is more valuable. if

For the sake of freedom, both can be thrown." For this poem has been a half-understanding, today after watching "Prison Break" finally realize that anything in the world is so pale in front of freedom.

Madame Curie wrote in her essay "My Faith" that "my only hope is to work as a free scholar in a free country. I have never taken this benefit for granted, for I lived in occupied and ravaged Poland until I was 24 years old. I can overestimate the price of freedom in France."

Today so when we complain about paying too much for too little time: when we all around for aggrieved: when we are being bitter cynical, my dear friends, don't forget we have is more valuable than life and love, that is free, the time of life is our history can let us experience the most free time, An era in which one can fully display one's personality and reflect oneself, an era in which one is compatible with all kinds of diversity, an era in which there is no war or foreign invasion and one loses freedom.

Happiness of life is not every day let us think about what we don't have, that we are not happy, the happiness of life is to think about what we have, we will be happy, if you have nothing for you and dejected upon, you to think you still have the most precious things as a person, a may not be available in certain era, that is -- -- -- -- -- - free

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