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Plant Based Week #5 - Plant Stock

The weekend spent with the Esselstyns and company

By Kathryn WickerPublished about a year ago 6 min read
My homemade spring rolls and vegan sushi. By K. Wicker

Weight 294.5 (only ½ a pound down)

Blood Pressure 132/85

Jane, Rip and Ann Esselstyn from the Plantstock website - the conference was incredible! Log on and see if they are going to do another virtual Plantstock! Or if you can buy the recordings from this one!

This last weekend was PlantStock which is an event that was virtual this year which honestly makes it affordable. When they had it live I couldn't even afford the thought of going. But, a virtual conference is in my land of affordability. I’ve done this before because I have been following Ann and Jane Esselstyn on youtube and own some of their books. I also have watched Forks Over Knives where we met the father of the clan that has saved people from heart disease simply by changing what they eat.

I watched the entire Friday night event with my mother and my biggest takeaway was exercise. Yes, we heard Rip talk about his 7 Pillars of losing weight and getting healthy. I own Rip Esselstyn’s book Engine 2 Rescue - and have been following his podcast for years. I’ve followed all of them - but hearing about the exercise again and again and knowing how badly I’ve been failing at exercise just slammed it into my brain again.

By Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

We watched almost all of Saturday and Sunday. With my ticket I get to rewatch any of it over again PLUS they gave me a cookbook of all the recipes made over the weekend. I can’t wait to try some of them like Blueberry Summer Corn Muffins and I already made the bagel potatoes. It is literally a potato in half with a hole in it and then Everything Bagel seasoning all over it. Then you stick it in the toaster oven on air fry for a lovely everything “bagel” potato. I skipped the hole because I just like air fried potatoes and Everything bagel seasoning.

The End of Dieting which I finally finished

I am so sick of dieting which is why I am trying to make this plan doable - where it isn’t a land of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. That isn’t a true statement, completely. His book is great. And I finished his book as I sat in the waiting room of a local hospital. This week was horrible. On Wednesday, my mother landed in one hospital while my granddaughter landed in a different hospital. I basically didn’t get to work another day last week as I dealt with family health problems which stressed to me that I needed to get my health perfected since my 82 year old mother with Alzheimers can’t get her health as easily together.

Anyway I finished his book and it has so many great ideas - it is just too strict for me. I know that plant based keeps me healthy. I’ve done it before. But the thought of being so strict that I never see a drop of olive oil or a vegan sugar cookie just depresses me. So, I think my plan of allowing 1 vegan food a week (this last week I had vegan butter on air popped popcorn as my vegan alternative) and 10 special meals a year gives me a reassurance that I can be “bad” at times. And it reinforces what I read in The End of Dieting by Dr. Joel Fuhrman on page 79:

“Don’t make any changes to your diet that don’t support your long-term health, and don’t make any changes to your diet that you don’t believe you can maintain for the rest of your life.”

By Filipp Romanovski on Unsplash

And that is another truth he gave me - I can’t keep losing weight and gaining it back. This has to be an eating plan that is with me for life. Yes, I am trying to track this first year and share my experiences with you to keep myself on a plan. But, I need to realize that I need to end the yo-yo dieting life and just eat healthy.

Blueberries are always plant strong

So let’s look at my 8 rules and see how I did. Let’s cut to the chase - I didn’t exercise again and I haven’t posted another recipe although I have two recipe posts in the works. I just want to try the recipes a couple of times and I’m trying to make FAST and EASY plant based, oil-free, salt-free, sugar-free recipes! The one is going to be my salsa recipes - 3 things to do with salsa other than chips and salsa. And the second recipe post is 3 dump and cook soups that are plant-based, healthy and PLANT STRONG.

I bought some of the plantstrong food. I used to buy Rip’s food from Whole Foods back my first time round and sometimes it is just nice to have a bag of something to make that takes absolutely no effort. I got the pizza crusts because when I want a pizza I’m always too lazy to make a crust. And I loved how Saturday night all the Esselystn’s each made a different favorite pizza on their crust. So now I have some new ideas for pizza night. They had a brunch grouping that allows me to try their granolas and some soups. The last thing I bought was mushroom stock - I’ll report about it when I get it!

My rules:

1. Plant Based mostly on McDougall but using G-Bombs and F-Goals to help maintain the correct daily nutrition. Done

2. Use my canned foods and easy recipes to make it WORK! Still doing this!

3. Will not spend an entire day during the school year on preparation unless it is a canning day (in autumn I do sugar-free applesauce, marmalades, stock, etc) None done.

4. Exercise twice a day (will start small and work up to 15 in am, 30 in pm) with allowed one day off a week. AHHH STILL HAVE NOT DONE IT!

5. Once a week - allowed one meal with vegan substitutes because I don’t want this to be so strict I quit. Just some air-popped popcorn with vegan butter.

6. 10 meals during the year can be “specials” - off plan BUT only 10 meals. And I’ll report them to you. I have 9 left. None used this week.

7. Every Tuesday I will submit my weekly article to VOCAL which should show up by Thursday. Doing it!

8. Every Friday I will submit recipes that are easy to prepare that are plant based in a second article. I’ll get that mushroom soup done and try to get it posted.

I’m obsessed with masala dosa - maybe I should post about my plant based attempts to make that. If you are interested - just ask! I'm planning on making my stuffing with rainbow swiss chard, the good spices, potatoes, onions and mushrooms! And lentils. How could I forget the lentils! And I'm trying to make the filling in my Instant Pot. That should be my first recipe post!


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  • Patrick Walkerabout a year ago

    Thinking about you as you deal with family health!

  • D. Thea Baldrickabout a year ago

    So you you didn't GAIN! Under the circumstances, that's a big win!

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