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My Favourite Summer Food

It has to be a Greek Salad

By Jessica HowardPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
My Favourite Summer Food
Photo by Jacques Bopp on Unsplash

Summer Time is a hot season and eating is something I do little of

The thought of turning on the stove or oven does not appeal to me and not being much of cook as it is in any season making a greek salad doesn't involve cooking there is nothing nicer than a greek salad you have thrown together yourself and a nice cool drink and no not talking about an alcoholic drink I am talking about a nice glass of coke or pepsi with ice.

My Greek Salad recipe

I add Iceberg Lettuce, Some Cherry Tomatoes, A Cucumber, Red and Green capsicum, Red onion and Topped off with Fetta Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar.

Greek salad is my favourite salad I don't add olives because I am not much of an olive fan if I order it in a restaurant I ask for no olives.

So my love Greek Salad a few years ago as I was on a holiday it was hot and I felt like something different and i was looking at the salad menu and was deciding as I am a caesar salad fan but didn't feel like it so saw the greek salad was a little unsure about the fetta cheese but thought I will give it a try it and I was surprised on how much I like the fetta cheese.

I started to buy premade greek salad in the deli of supermarket but they were soggy and weren't as nice and one day I found a recipe on the internet so I made it and I wasn't too keen on their dressing so I started making my own dressing which was a lot of work.

I found a greek salad dressing in a bottle one day in supermarket so I started using that one and it was so nice and it was less work but one day there wasn't any so I picked up the balsamic vinegar and thought I would give that a go and it became my new favourite.

I have always been a salad fan I started with a nice garden salad which I have have if I have ran out of fetta cheese or if from time to time I don't feel like greek salad which isn't that often, I have always been more of a salad and fruit eater more than a veggie eater not a lot of veggies appeal to me I like celery,potatoes and carrots.

So as I said before greek salad started while on a holiday a few years ago it was such a hot day and I had been walking around the shops and beach and stopped off at this little pub that looked over the water, I was sitting there looking over the water with a glass of pepsi on ice and a greek salad and I remembering how lovely this was.

I had chosen the greek salad that day to create new great memory for that holiday like the first time I had a caesar salad now that was a holiday of a life time I had travel to American for the first time with my parents and not only was it my first trip to American but it was my first overseas trip ever we were in San Francisco at a restaurant and I ordered a caesar salad it was first caesar salad I had ordered and it was so beautiful and I never been ever to find another beautiful caesar salad again.

So another holiday and another good memory my very first greek salad it was the most beautiful greek salad that I went again before I left to have it again and believe it or not my greek salad I make at home is just as good as that one.

Greek salad is now and will forever be my favourite Summer time food and favourite salad of all time.


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  • Mariann Carroll8 months ago

    Greek salad 😋 yum

  • Loved reading this. I'm not a fan of olive either

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