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Most Disgusting Things in Your Kitchen

by Kelsey Lange 5 years ago in fact or fiction
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You're not going to want to miss which parts of your kitchen are the dirtiest. This list of the most disgusting things in your kitchen will have you picking up a clean rag immediately.

When it comes to the kitchen, there are all too many outlets for germs, dirt, mold, mildew... the list goes on! And somehow, it is the last place we put some elbow grease into. The place that we store our food should be spotless! After reading this article, you are definitely going to want to tackle your eating space with a whole lot of disinfectant and willpower.

Instead of organizing your pantry for the third time, tackle the germs that are living rent-free. This is a list of the most disgusting things in your kitchen that you have no idea about. Before freaking out, there are easy fixes.

Compartments in Your Fridge

When is the last time you took each compartment out of your fridge to wash them down? Yeah, none of us do it. That's why this is one of the most disgusting things in your kitchen. These crevices are home to mold, yeast, listeria, salmonella, nasty bacteria, bad smells, and many more daunting possibilities.

Inspired? The best way to clean these compartments is in the bathtub with dish soap or white vinegar. If your bathtub isn't big enough, an outdoor wash-down will do, too.

Top of Your Cabinets

Cringing yet? One of the most often forgotten spots is the top of your cabinets, and they're impressively disgusting. Though not as terrible of a breeding ground for bacteria as the compartments in your fridge are, the tips of your cabinets need attention, too.

Dusting off this part of your kitchen is important to do with a sturdy step stool, no food or beverages out on the counter, and a dust cleanup crew. After collecting the dust, wipe down the tops with a paper towel and some cleaner. But not so hard!

Every Single Knob

Maybe a little more commonly wiped down, the knobs in your kitchen are still ignored. This is because they are also one of the most commonly contaminated, with constant use by hands that are most likely dirty. Plus, they don't usually show the fact that they're dirty, which makes them very easy to ignore, especially due to their size, and among the most disgusting things in your kitchen.

So next time you are wiping down the countertops or sink, do the same to the handles and knobs; it'll only take a few more seconds. However, try not to use a dirty cloth or paper towel — this is also a common mistake made by kitchen cleaners. If you use the same cloth for every inch of your kitchen, you are only dispersing the germs even more.

Knife Block

I'm sure we all think the same thing while putting the knives back into that wooden block. Does this defeat the purpose of just washing them? Well, the answer is unfortunately, yes. Bacteria loves to live in small, dark, cramped crevices, especially damp ones! Knife blocks are breeding grounds for germs, especially ones that you've had for ten years.

If you haven't already thrown it out, the best way to clean them is by using canned-air. This way the mold and debris can be removed, then give it a few knocks into the garbage can. To finish, use a pipe cleaner and soap to do the hard work.

Dish Towels

Another one I'm sure you're aware of, but refuse to come to terms with are dish towels. Dish towels are one of the most disgusting things in your kitchen right now. That's because you use them the way you shouldn't, and that's by cleaning off surfaces, drying dishes, wiping down spilled water, and drying your hands off, all within 20 minutes. And don't even try to think about the last time you washed them.

If it's easier, use paper towels or disinfectant wipes for cleaning. And use one towel for hands and another for dirty dishes. That's not too bad of a transition, and you're already a little less disgusting.


There are too many mistakes that people make when it comes to their kitchen sponges. The first is the most obvious, not knowing when to throw it out. You really don't have to wait until it's an entirely different color than when you purchased it to throw it. You should really be switching out your sponges once a month.

Another mistake is leaving the sponge to dry in the bottom of the sink or on the counter. This does not allow it to fully dry and invites much more bacteria to the surface, and to all of your "clean" dishes. Try a silicone sponge instead! They are much easier to deal with in terms of drying and rinsing.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a little more complicated to clean than you think. Plus, do we really take the time to deep clean them each time? The truth is that they need a lot more care than we think. This is because things like raw meat, hot peppers, uncooked food, and just foods you wouldn't want mixed together are all slapped onto this board.

Not only are they one of the most disgusting things in your kitchen, but a used cutting board often has scratches from knives. These are ideal places for pathogens and bacteria. No, thank you. Instead, be sure to clean your board with antibacterial dish soap and always run the plastic ones through the dishwasher. Also, it couldn't hurt to have specific boards for different types of food.

Bottom of the Kitchen Sink

Too often forgotten, the bottom of the sink gets zero love from disinfectant or soap, making it to the top of the list of the most disgusting things in your kitchen. The kitchen sink is compared to the filthiness of a bathroom. It makes sense, everything needed to be washed goes straight to the sink, specifically, the bottom.

Plus, people forget to wash off the sink after doing dishes; you know you're supposed to do that, right? Also, if food ever accidentally touches part of your sink, please wash it off before putting it in your body. Keeping your kitchen clean can make a world of a difference, it can even make it look more expensive than it is.

Can Openers

I'm sure you've never used a can opener and then put it right back into the silverware drawer. But just saying you have, this is one of the most easily denied disgusting things in your kitchen. It is important to wash off the opener after every use. Think about all the bacteria you're welcoming to your food as you open them... gross!

Daily Grocery Bags

Last, but not least, reusable grocery bags are one of the most disgusting things in your kitchen. Though they are very environmentally friendly, they're definitely not self-cleaning. We make grocery trips pretty often; and with this, the bags are transported all over the place with dirty hands, on dirty trunks, and in dirty grocery carts. You don't want to contaminate your new food immediately, do you? This can even lead to food poisoning.

There is a simple fix, however, by just wiping each bag down after unloading your groceries with a soaked hot towel and cleaner or white vinegar.

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