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By Robyn Moss Published 3 years ago 3 min read

This Year’s Super Bowl was one for the books in so many ways. From COVID to The Weeknd and all the records broken in the game itself, I doubt this Super Bowl will ever be forgotten.

I was slightly disappointed the team I was rooting for didn’t win. My parents are originally from Kansas, so I was hoping the Chiefs would win because they are my father’s favorite NFL team. My husband has always been a Patriots fan since he is from New England. With Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Super Bowl, it gave us fuel to be a little competitive. He didn’t rub it in my face too bad that Tampa Bay won and showed a little mercy.

Ordinarily, Super Bowl Game Day for me is a buzz of activity. My husband likes us to host all our friends and family. So, not only do I have to prepare fun foods for my own family, but for about twenty other people or more. Here is an idea of what it usually looks like in our house on Super Bowl Sunday.

On a typical Super Bowl Sunday, I would be so exhausted from running around catering to everyone and begging my husband to never do this to me again.

However, this year it was just the five of us. Although, it felt nice to be able to sit and enjoy the game with the hubby in peace, I was really missing out on the annual festivities. I miss all the guys yelling at the television from the basement, the kids running around and screaming, and all the ladies chit-chatting in the kitchen/dining room area.

Here is what our day looked like. I made these amazingly delicious nachos and wings for the family. I probably put a little too much time and energy into making them “perfect”, but nonetheless, they tasted great and were a hit with the family. I still put forth the effort in “decorating” for the big day with these yummy football cupcakes.

Once we finished eating, the kids went upstairs to play the Nintendo Switch. My husband and I got comfy and cozy on the sofa, me with a glass of wine and the hubby with a Guinness. An occasional uproar (mostly from me) would occur, especially right after an opposing touchdown.

I never really complained about the lack of normalcy, however this year has given us the appreciation for the things and ways of living that we may have fully taken for granted even just one year ago. We will never forget the impact COVID has had on our country and how it has affected our everyday lives.

There is always next year!

Here is Mom’s Famous Nachos and Wings. The picture reflects the nachos without black olives because I forgot to buy them. However, I still opted to make the nachos without the olives to save me a trip back to the store. Also, this time I used jalapeño white cheese sauce instead of nacho cheese sauce to add an extra kick.

For the nachos, I liberally piled the following ingredients in this order:

Round Tortilla Chips

Ground Turkey Meat With Taco Seasoning

Jalapeño White Cheese Sauce

Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese


Sour Cream

For the wings, I seasoned them with salt and pepper, and baked them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Then, I fried them in a pan with oil for about 5 minutes on each side. Lastly, I took half of the wings and put them in a bowl of medium buffalo wing sauce and thoroughly covered each of the wings. The other half of the wings I put in a bowl of lemon pepper seasoning and thoroughly coated those as well.

I added fries that I baked from frozen to add an extra side to our already unhealthy, but delicious meal.

These nachos and wings are always a hit at any get together. They are very easy to make and disappear quickly!


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Robyn Moss

Long ago, a little girl loved to write. She loved to explore the depths of her mind and create the impossible. That little girl still sits in the back of my mind waiting to pursue those dreams. I am now 39, a wife, and a mother of three.

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