I'll Be Back Boston

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Nice traveling destination

I'll Be Back Boston

There is so much about Boston that I love, and there are so many reasons as to why I would visit Boston again. The city is rich in history and full of culture. For just a quick trip, like a weekend getaway, Bean Town is perfect! My last trip was for the weekend, and it was a blast. I loved visiting the historic landmarks. My favorite part about the visit, however, was all the great Boston food.

Delicious Breakfast that Fueled My Day

We had some wonderful starts to our days, thanks to some quite amazing breakfasts. By far, my favorite morning meal of the trip was on Sunday morning. We packed as much as we could into that day, before we flew back Sunday evening. That Sunday breakfast was so tasty and sustaining. For a weekend getaway to the city of Boston is amazing, and our Sunday breakfast was a perfect start to our final day there.

My kids wanted to go to the New England Aquarium, and we decided to check out North Street Grille. Their banana french toast was amazing! My husband had the Caprese Omelet, loaded with fresh ingredients. The kids absolutely loved their breakfast tacos. We will be back! Next time, I plan to maybe go have a late lunch and enjoy their signature Maple Waffle Martini! I love waffles AND martinis.

Lunch Like No Other

Speaking of lunch, let me tell you about this amazing lunch we had on Saturday. Our family really enjoyed The Salty Pig on Dartmouth Street. The four of us shared two pizzas, and they were so good! My kids devoured the Margherita, and my husband and I really enjoyed the Scarparu, which had fried eggplant on it.

For a unique take on pizza in a cool environment, I highly recommend The Salty Pig. Plus, it was right next to the high-end retail spot, Copley Place. Of course, I high to get some shopping in on the trip!

Difficult to Pick a Favorite Dinner

On both Friday night and Saturday night we had a great meal. Our dinners on both evenings were amazing. My favorite night time meal, though, was on Friday evening. I don't know if we were so hungry from traveling, or if the food was just that amazing. Regardless, the next time I visit Boston again I will eat dinner at Mama Maria.

I am having a hard time remembering what everyone else had, because all I can think about was how amazing my meal was. For starters, I ordered the local oysters that were baked with prosecco. My main course was just as amazing. I had the Summertime Ravioli Pasta, which was loaded with flavor. It was obvious that the corn, red peppers, arugula and other ingredients were fresh. Mama Maria is a must stop for anyone wanting an amazing meal in Boston.

There are so many great eateries in Bean Town. I am excited to go back and try some new restaurants on the next visit. I had never been to Boston before. As I said earlier, there was so much to see due to the city's rich culture and history. I had no idea that the restaurants were so amazing.

I will definitely be back, either for another weekend getaway or a longer stay. I would love to have more time in the city. There is just so much to see and do, and well, eat! When I do visit Boston again, I will be sure to return to North Street Grille, The Salty Pig, and Mama Maria. They were perfect destinations for my family's breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. I definitely recommend each eatery!

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