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Health Benefits of Walnuts and Almonds

The healthy benefits of nuts such as almonds and walnuts will make you want to put more nuts in your system!

By Miranda O'ConnerPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Everyone knows that eating healthy is instrumental to fostering a healthy lifestyle--and nuts like walnuts and almonds tend to be among the healthiest foods one can consume. Of course, health wise, there are numerous important foods to consume, but it is important to get a healthy amount of nuts in the system.

However, hearing "You need to eat nuts!" a lot isn't going to educate you as to what nuts can do for you. The healthy benefits of nuts such as almonds and walnuts makes them an essential addition to anyone's diet, and, once one understands their amazing benefits, one will know they need to put more nuts in their system.

Almonds Help Gut Strength

Consumption of almonds have been known to increase levels of certain healthy digestive bacteria. While the idea that almonds increase levels of bacteria inside the body may sound dangerous, in actuality, this is incredibly important.

Intestinal bacteria fight diseases inside the body. The increased consumption of almonds, therefore, can reduce the risk of developing dangerous stomach bugs that can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Walnuts Make You Smarter

Studies show that walnuts have the ability to increase brain activity. A test at UCLA provided evidence that individuals who regularly eat walnuts develop enhanced memory and concentration skills, and are able to process information at a faster rate.

All of this provides evidence that walnuts can help stave off cognitive issues such as Alzheimers. A study conducted by the Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities in New York revealed that walnuts' memory enhancing abilities could help stave off Alzheimers--either delaying its onset or completely preventing it.

Almonds Improve Insulin Sensitivity

For people with Diabetes or at risk for developing Diabetes--this is important. The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey found that almonds are incredibly good for people who are pre-diabetic, as it can improve the body's sensitivity to insulin levels.

That means that your body would react in a healthier, safer manner to insulin, thus meaning you won't go into a diabetic coma if your blood sugar levels spike.

Walnuts--Good for the Heart

Regular consumption of walnuts isn't just good for the brain--it's good for the heart, too.

Walnuts have long been known to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This is due to the fact that walnuts can help good cholesterol--HDL--transfer other cholesterol and other less helpful chemicals in the blood flow down the veins. It keeps the vessels running clear and fresh.

But recently, more studies have shown that, by eating raw walnuts with meals, blood vessels can help transport fat through the bloodstream by enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels. This protects the veins from damage and other toxins that can cause problems to the body. This can help protect against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease issues.

Almonds Also Help with the Heart

Almonds also are recognized as an incredibly healthy food for the heart. The American Heart Association regards it as one of the better nuts for cardiovascular health, as it offers protein to strengthen cardiovascular muscles without any of the harmful fats or cholesterol that can hurt the bloodstream.

Walnuts Make Bones Stronger

Walnuts are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies conducted by Penn State researchers have found a correlation between fatty acids and bone density.

Bones, they find, are protected by the fatty acids, making them sturdier and more durable in the face of external forces. This helps the whole body as a whole for fairly obvious reasons (we need strong bones). People with Osteoporosis and Chrohn's Disease should consume walnuts in order to strengthen their bones--which, in turn, would improve their quality of life.

Almonds Boost Your Metabolism

While it may be clear that walnuts are incredibly healthy, it is also true that almonds are an incredibly important thing to eat as well.

One major effect of almonds on the body is their ability to boost metabolic processes. Studies from the City of Hope National Medical Center in California correlate diets incorporating almonds with lower BMI, lower waist circumference, fat mass, and blood pressure.

Anyone hoping to lose weight, therefore, will benefit greatly for incorporating almonds into their diet. Unlike most diet foods, the almonds supply a sufficient amount of calories. They simply enhance your body to burn more calories naturally. A far healthier weight-loss tactic than starvation.


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