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"Ginger" delicious!

Do you know, we can make delicious recipes with Ginger?

By Hermoine Granger🧑‍🎓Published about a month ago 3 min read
"Ginger" delicious!
Photo by Julia Topp on Unsplash

Warning;As always, I warn people who are so sensitive to spicy food items to refrain from trying out this dish as it will burn your tongue out.

So let's move on...

Ginger is usually used as one of the ingredients while making a dish. It is good for digestion. But most of the people, actually don't use it in the food knowing its healthy benefits, they just do it for its great smell and mind taking flavour that it brings to the whole dish.
Ginger when combined with garlic is a great combination. After Jack and Rose, thry are the best pair I ever know. They together bring a delicious smell to the food item, that's mind blowing, that attracts you to the kitchen. Its an injustice to not to mention garlic while talking about ginger.

So let's try out a Spicy Ginger Pickle.

I got this recipe from my mother who is a great cook herself. If you like my mother's recipe then don't hesitate to pour your love for her by leaving some hearts down here👇.

Here are my list of magical ingredients👇

•First and the most important one is Ginger itself. You can take 30 grams of Ginger.

•Then next, you need to take some dry chilly to add on to its pungecy. You can take 30 grams of dry chilly.

•Thirdly, you need to take some mustard. You can take a teaspoon of mustard seeds.

• Fourthly, you need to take some coconut oil. You should take coconut oil only as ut gives a supreme flavour that no other oil can bring into the dish.

•Then next, you need to take some cumin seeds. You can take a tablespoon of cumin seeds for the distinctive flavour that givea to the recipe

•Our next ingredient is very distinct. You will not expect this ingredient in this spicy delicious dish and that is our "urud dal". It is usually used to make an Indian dish known as "dosha".You can have a tablespoon of "urud dal" in it.

•Then again, here are some ingredients as such
•Chana dal- You can have a tablespoon of "Chana dal".
•Coriander seeds- You can also have a tablespoon of coriander seeds.

•Then you need to take some jaggery. It might sound very ironic. But it plays a great role in balancing the taste with a sugary touch.

•Then you need to take some tamarind. You can add a lemon size of tamarind in it.

• Salt is a must have ingredient.

• Last but not the least is our Garlic. That's why I say, they, Ginger and Garlic, are made for each other. They can't live without each other. If there is ginger then there is garlic, If there us garlic, then their is ginger. They cannot be separated, not even by any superpower's.

Have you ever heard about "sadhya". Its a dish prepared on festival's in Kerala, the gods own country. It is especially made during Onam, a festival of prosperity. Therebwill be rice and about 100 side dishes along with it. Ginger pickle is a must dish in it. It is know for giving the benefits of 100 dishes. It is even said that we can replace those 100 side dishes with a single ginger pickle. Unbelievable, isn't it; A mere ingredient having this much hype somewhere.
Keralites can easily withstand its high level of spicy flavour. Their land is even known as the land of spices, then why not? It's not so surprising that they can do it.

So I request to you guys,
to take some time out of your life
for trying out this spicy delicious recipe and let me know about your opinions down there👇

Then let's move on to the cooking process.
As I have already mentioned the amount of ingredients I am not going to mention it again.

First, take a non-stick pan,
then add coconut oil,
wait for it to boil,
add some mustard seeds, cumin seeds,
urud dal, chana dal and
Coriander seeds.
Then add Ginger and dry chilly with it.
Saute it for 5 minutes until it loss its raw smell.
Then after cooling down,
Pour them into a blender,
Add some melted Jaggery,
Tamarind and Garlic.
Blend it into a paste.
Our Ginger Pickle is ready to eat!


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Hermoine Granger🧑‍🎓

I still managed to find time to write, even with a busy schedule as a Hogwards student.It was because of my fondness towards books and writing.

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  • ROCK about a month ago

    I am a ginger freak! Great story!

  • angela hepworthabout a month ago


  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    That's very informative and also interesting you wrote it very well

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