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Cassava's supremacy!

Are you craving for some eastern tastes, then this is for you...

By Hermoine Granger🧑‍🎓Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Cassava's supremacy!
Photo by Loren Biser on Unsplash

Warning: If you are too sensitive to spicy food items, then stay away from this.
Though in this article we are going to discuss about Cassava (Tapioca), the real hero is our Onion Chutney. Cassava, together with a spicy onion chutney will make a great combo. It is a very common food item in the eastern most countries. It has a distinctive flavour [a mild nutty flavour] that distinguishes it from other root vegetables. This mild flavour makes it a great food for making combo's. We can use fried fish, chicken, dry fish etc with Cassava. Though these are great combinations, Onion Chutney overpowered them very early in the history. Cassava with Onion Chutney will make a blast together.
Lets take a close look on preparing it.First of all, here are some list of ingredients that you will need to make this delicious chutney.

1)Coconut Oil - 1 tablespoon

2)Sliced Onions - 2

3)Shallots - 10-20 pieces

4)Ginger - a small piece

5)Curry Leaves

6)Kashmiri Chilli Powder - 1 tablespoon

7)Tamarind - a lemon size

8)Jaggery - a lemon size

Pour one tablespoon of Coconut Oil into a non-stick pan. Put two sliced onions in it. Then add ten to twenty shallots into it. Saute it for ten to fifteen minutes. When it starts to change its colour into brown, add small pieces of sliced ginger into it. Then add some curry leaves to make it smell great and delicious. Saute these ingredients together for about ten to fifteen minutes again. Then add two tablespoons of Kashmiri chilli powder and enough salt. Saute it all for about five minutes straight. After five minutes, there comes a very delicious smell, a cooked smell of all the ingredients will began to spread. Then close the pan with a lid soon as the smell too precious not to be spread out. Then wait for the ingredients to cool down. You can also go and have some cool off time from the heat of your stove.

After cooling down, pour your ingredients into a blender and blend it. Be cautious while blending, you should restrain the mix from becoming a paste form as it is not the structure of a chutney. It should be in the form of a chutney that we prepare in a hand grinder made out of stone. Now the dish is ready to serve. Serve it with boiled Cassava's. Cassava's are cooked by addding enough water and salt in it. Now take a piece of Cassava and dip in this chutney and then it goes straight to your mouth. I am sure that you will explore a distinct taste and will surely like this delicious dish.

Cassava's had a great popularity in the eastern most countries during the nineteenth century and it still has. But it was widely used as a daily food item during the last decades of the nineteenth century. Cassava's are plants that can grow and produce great harvest's in any harsh climates. Cassava's that we eat are the roots of Cassava plants.These plants does not need much care to foster its growth. Thats an important reason for its wide acceptance. Poverty has also been a great reason for cassava's popularity. As it can be planted and grown anywhere and is available everywhere, it is a relief for poor people. They rely on it during famines. There were times when there was a great scarcity of food, even rice was hard to get during those times.In such times people even replaced rice with boiled Cassava's. The most important reason for its popularity is its taste inspite of its cheap availability. It is cost effective as well as delicious.

Though Onion Chutney is a great combination with Cassava, there are other non-veg recipes that will create a great combo together. I hope share them all in the coming articles. Try it out and comment your reviews.


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