Full Day of Eating

by Alix Nicole 9 months ago in healthy

March 7, 2019

Full Day of Eating

Hello, my little lovelies!

So I wanted to post a full day of eating for today because I wanted to keep track of what I put into my body and the routine I have so far has helped me shed a couple of pounds in the last few days and I wasn't hungry at the end of the day. It's always been a struggle for me to eat healthy and not feel like I am starving at the end of the day but this time I think I have it down.

Now the only part that really stays the same is in the morning, the rest I kind of just go with what I want to eat then figure out a way to make it healthy or at least not so bad for you and still keep track of my progress. Also fair warning I am not vegan, I do consume animal products but I try not to eat too much dairy because I am lactose intolerant and I don't hate my body. This is also a good way for me to keep myself accountable, sharing my progress with you all and just keep some sort of log of what I put into my body.

Okay, so the first thing I've been doing is reaching for a Clif Bar. This is just something to get the metabolism going in the morning. I usually get the nut butter filled ones and eat one in the morning before I do anything so I have some energy in the morning and not be a slug. About two hours later when I eat breakfast with my students I drink a Propel water and I eat two small mandarin oranges. They're naturally sweet, low in calories, and can keep me pretty full up until lunchtime two and a half hours later.

For lunch, I had a pasta salad that consisted of shrimp (cooked in the skillet with salt, pepper and garlic powder), feta, spinach all with fat-free Italian dressing. Its a cold salad so I didn't have to heat it up or anything so I can just eat it right out of the container. I usually drink a propel water or a green tea, whichever one I have at the time. The green tea is low in calories even though it has a little bit of sugar in there but not enough to make you go off the rails. I usually get hungry around another two and a half hours later so I usually keep a Clif bar in my bag or another one of those small mandarin oranges to keep the cravings away.

I usually go to the gym right after work or go home first if I have a group class later on that night. So what time I eat dinner is determined at what time that group class is and then I just eat afterwards. Today I had Zumba so I didn't really get to eat until about after seven and I usually try not to eat after 8 unless its Monday and my MixxedFit class is over at eight.

And my last meal for the day was a Caesar salad with shrimp. I decided to change up the protein from my usual chicken and it turned out pretty good. I made the salad myself from scratch and normally when I make a salad it doesn't usually turn out good but this time around it was quite delicious.

I stayed pretty full throughout the whole day and I managed to finish on a deficit, which is not normal for me. It also surprised me that despite a few snacks here and there and not just eating my main meals that I managed to lose weight in the process. This is just an example of what I eat during the week and I think I am going to stick to it because it has worked out great for me so far.

Alix Nicole
Alix Nicole
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