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Let's have some delicious milky fruity combo!

By Hermoine Granger🧑‍🎓Published about a month ago 3 min read
Photo by Klara Fulinova on Unsplash

Warning; If you are on a sugar diet, just restrain yourself from trying this out. This might level up your diabetes to a whole new level, passing all the horions.

If your only conaideration is to taste delicious and have some vitamins and calories then you can have it.

As the title suggests, this is a fruity tasty delicious milk dish. Fruits with milk is a vibrant combo. They are very healthy together as well. This will make your mouth capable of riding boats, for sure! I am sure that you will only remember taking the first spoon of this "fruity tasty"milk dish. After that, you will lose your control. You will even forget about your diabetes or cholestrol.

In this harsh hot summer, I know that you guys are too exhausted for the high himidity level ou there. You can easily make boiled eggs by simply placing it outside. It's so unbearable, right. Hope that everything gets cool very very soon.
We can't resist it completely, but we can take some human measures to withstand it as far as we could. Thus delicious dish will not only help you in leveling up "happy hormones", but also to withstand with this humid temperature. As I said this is not enough, you can plant some tress in your free time to cure it in a proper way, it's the most important thing.

So let's move on to the recipe.

Down here is a little list of magical ingredients, or stones to build this wonderfull castle of taste.

•First of all, you need to take some milk. You can have a litter of milk. Milk is very good for your health, your skin. It's the most important ingredient in this " fruity tasty" milk dish. It has a mild nutty taste with a lot of benefits innate in it. As kids, milk was a nightmare for all of us, am I right?But niw we have ways to make it super delicious. If you have kids you can make them drink it now easily by making it delicious with such recipes. I think we should have known this recipe, long before, right?
You are having multi benefits from this dish as you add fruits in it, too.

Our next important ingredient is a set of fruits. This is unavoidable.
I am just going to list only the must have fruit items, you can add more fruits in it. Fruits are alwats healthy whatever it is. How much fruits you add, that much vitamins are getting added. You should have some pomegranates, Grapes, Apples, Banana's. You can add more. These all, with their distinctive tastes contribute a lot to the whole dish in making it delicious. Pomegranate with its chewy, tasty, pearl like structure contributes to make it not only delicious but also to make it look great as well. Apple with its mild nutty flavour, Grapes with their sour, sweet mixed taste, bananas with its sweet taste, all these fruit's are irreplacable on the grounds of their health benefits too. I am not stating the amount of each fruits to be used. You can add as much as you want. I am giving you complete freedom regarding this, happy?

•Next is some custard powder. It might not be safe to buy from outside. Don't worry. You can make it yourself at your home. I will post an article on Custard powder recipe, next. You can take 2 tablespoons of custard powder.

•Then you can add half a cup of sugar. I prefer to use as less sugar as possible to make it kore healthy.

Let's move on to the process of cooking now.

First, you need to boil the milk, cook it until it gets a medium thick consistency. Take some custard powder in a bowl, add some boiled milk into it, stir it well, then add it into the boiling milk. Then add some sugar. Stir it well. Mix it well. Switch the flame off. Serve it into a bowl, wait for it to cool down. Then add fruits into it.
Now it's ready to eat.
Try it out, Guys...


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I still managed to find time to write, even with a busy schedule as a Hogwards student.It was because of my fondness towards books and writing.

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  • Kodahabout a month ago

    Ooo yummy! Thanks for this!! 💌

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