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From Your Kitchen To Your Garden, Regrow These 5 Food's

by Misha Alsleben about a year ago in healthy
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When life gives you lemons grow a tree.

Unsplash Image By Luke Michael @lukemichael

Ever get tired of buying the same foods over and over again?

I know I do.

Gardening is something I did often as a child and teen. Prior to apartment living in the last 5 years of my teens.

I've missed it and this is one of the first years we have living somewhere that we have space and area to plant. I'm stoked, to say the least, I have already started tomatoes and strawberries both of which are flourishing.

Also when I say space I really just mean the area to set a bunch of pots, both my strawberries and tomatoes will be container grown this year and I am unsure how they will turn out but I am optimistic that they will produce a healthy harvest.

Now I've begun digging into the art of regrowing food or starting plants right in my kitchen.

So in honor of my newfound hobby and love, I want to share 5 foods you can start from seed to plant to harvest right in your kitchen, though they may require a little bit of patience.


1.) Garlic -

Garlic Growing In My window Ready For Planting

Probably one of the easiest and quickest to start. All you need to start garlic is a clove. Peel the small cloves inside and then set them bottom down in a small container of shallow water. Sit inside a window for 7 days growth should start around day 2 and within 2-4 days you'll see roots and green stems like these.

Garlic Growth

On day 7 plant your garlic in soil root down, and wait for it to grow. You can place your small planter in the same window to continue watching them grow. In 6-8 months you will have kitchen-grown garlic. If you plant in September you should have nice cloves by April or May. So if you plan in July you can harvest in March! I like to repeat this process every 2 months so I can continuously have garlic to harvest throughout the year.

2.) Lemons -

When life gives you lemons grow a tree.

Lemon Seeds Germinated Ready for Planted by Myself - Misha Alsleben

Ok, so I haven't actually grown a tree yet. I have germinated the seed and planted it though! This for myself anyway may be a futile attempt. Not because it won't work but because I live in Washington and that's not exactly the best state to grow a lemon tree, but it's not going to stop me from trying and if you live in a warmer climate, you should have lemons within four months to one year. A lot of things factor into fruit production and harvest times, it is very contingent on a host of conditions including the cultural conditions, outdoor temperature and the number of lemons produced, and the cultivar being grown.

3.) Pumpkin's -

Pumpkin Seeds Germinated & Planted by Myself - Misha Alsleben

In truth, I've attempted this a couple of times, with no success.

Recently though. I had a breakthrough. You have to peel the outer shell of the pumpkin seed and then place it on a damp paper towel and then place that into a Ziploc bag or glass jar in a window and let it germinate. Over a week you should spot your seeds growing tails. If they don't have tails within a couple of weeks, sadly they are duds. Once they have tails you can plant them in your garden spot where they can receive plenty of sun once they start sprouting out of the ground.

4.) Kiwi -

Kiwi Seeds Germinated Ready for Planted by Myself - Misha Alsleben

I actually didn't know until recently that you can germinate a kiwi seed and grow them in colder environments. For some reason, I was under the impression they are tropical fruits and that isn't the case. They are actually known as "Artic Beauty." To do this you can either separate the tiny seeds from the fruit flesh and place them on a damp paper towel in your window until they get tails or you can place thin slices of kiwi into the soil, cover with dirt, and lightly water until you spot growth. The fruit flesh will act as a soil fertilizer over time.

5.) Strawberries -

Similar to kiwis strawberries are actually really easy to reproduce. Simply take some slices of strawberries place in soil , cover and water every other day until you have sprout's after that most strawberrie's need about 1-2 inches of "rain" or water daily, then enjoy your harvest soon!

You aren't limited to these food's alone either. You can also easily regrow lettuce, celery, onions, potatoes, pomegrantes, and more.


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Misha Alsleben

Wife & Mom Fueled by ;

Caffeine & Gratitude, when I’m not writing you’ll find me raising awareness about our planet’s needs , in the kitchen ,outside with the family, taking photos or in a bookstore.

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