From Clucks to Ducks!

by Emma Paulini 18 days ago in cuisine

My forever move from chicken eggs to duck eggs!

From Clucks to Ducks!

They were given to me in a cardboard box. Two of them. Ducks. Adorable beyond words. Now I have a plump of five... yes you read that correctly... I said plump!

That's how my love affair with ducks began, close to three years ago. With no prior fowl experience I realized they are incredibly sentient beings and they produce the most delicious and velvety tasting eggs. I live on a beautiful olive grove on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain with Lilly, Lucy, Ruby, Astrid and my handsome and quite content male duck Gus! They are free range, very affectionate, organically fed, and all around very happy duckies. They spend their lazy days perfecting their dives into their much beloved kiddy pool, followed by some serious self propelled exercising, and then finishing off with a group walk enjoying their garden that offers them lots of healthy treats from the greenest of grasses to the earthiest of earthworms! They are living amongst all their other siblings, which include four cats and six dogs in total harmony; they all love to spend time together, and that includes sharing some meals with one another as well. It’s a beautiful sight to see! I feel beyond fortunate to have them in my life, and I'm not sure how that comes across to most people, but to me they mean so much more than just a source of nourishment. They really do make my day—on most days! Ha!

In my humble opinion, it's Ferrari versus Ford when it comes to flavor and use of the eggs. I was very much taken aback the first time I cracked one of their eggs and saw the beautiful sharp yellow yolk, and let’s not forget about the robust size either! It seemed so much easier to whip up an omelette or make scrambled eggs. So whether you are making a savory dish or baking something sweet you just can't go wrong with using duck eggs! And I say this having used fresh duck eggs making the most luxurious and creamy homemade mayo that ever existed. My mum knew how to make a mouthwatering version using chicken eggs but I have to admit... there is no comparison!

There are other reasons I lean towards duck eggs of course, such as having much longer shelf life compared to their counterparts. And yes they can be a bit tough to crack but well worth the effort in the end. They also contain more protein and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as providing more vitamin D compared to their chicken friends. The fat content is higher but what you gain in flavor, taste, and protein outweighs that in my opinion, especially if you are on a high protein diet. Something else that I feel is well worth mentioning is that a lot of people that have egg allergies are for the most part ok with eating duck eggs, so my other half was beyond surprised and quite delighted, after years of thinking he could never enjoy the world of omelettes and quiches alike.

To me it's a clear cut case... if you haven't tried duck eggs yet, you really should! I just know you will be pleasantly surprised. They are healthy, delectable and make cookies oh sooo much lighter and your cakes so much fluffier. And I make sure to have enough on hand to make my face and hair masks with the yolk and just add a bit of olive oil and voila! Feels wonderful on my skin, and my hair feels strong and looks shiny for weeks! Both inexpensive and potent!

x Em

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