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Stovetop Cooking and Oven-Baked

Sheba’s cooking | Homemade Dumpling Soup | Roti Platter | Video Sheba 2020 | Photo Sheba 2019

Food is a part of all species daily lives. Most survival literally depends on the quantities of food. The most basic reason why I love food is because of the taste. Taste related to different dishes or styles of cooking, such as baking potatoes or boiling potatoes. Digging deeper, notice how fruits and vegetables are prepared by nature. The basic watering, soil and sunlight. Fruits and vegetables are by far my most favorite foods. No stove or oven is needed to prepare fruits; unless one is baking a peach or apple pie. Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for the body. Personally, I enjoy receiving all of my nutrients from fresh food. Far, as protein goes? One interesting fact about me is that I peel the skin off my chicken before I cook it. Tofu is another substitute over meat for those who enjoy a plant-based diet. The goal is serving everything in moderation. While, constantly monitoring unnecessary sugar intake and keeping it to a minimum.

Most importantly, I feel like food is also a great learning tool to experience different cultures. Simply, because most foods originated from different parts of the world. There are so many styles, pots, and tools used in cooking universally. Personally, I cook in a big round pot for dumpling soup. For roti, I prefer plateens (Tawa Handmade Iron) that are round metal and flat in surfaces. The plateens are widely used by the West Indies for various types of flatbread. Particularly, part of my heritage Trinidadian and Venezuelan. Again, if someone is curious on expanding their horizons about different cultures then food is the fastest gateway to do so.

Roti By Sheba

Furthermore, cooking on the stove is so much fun because you get to see and smell the food as it transforms into a masterpiece of tasty art. Plus, it is easier to prevent food from over burning on the stove because one is standing in front of it most of the time. Therefore, it is easier to throw in extra pepper or sunflower oil faster if needed. Keep in mind, I keep a safe distance between my body and the stove. Personally, I use long sleeves when I am cooking over a stove because it helps prevent less spills on the bare skin. Monitoring food’s progression, I keep a bowl on the kitchen’s counter to taste a small piece. What I try to avoid is cutting and tasting the food over a hot stove. Therefore, I take my time by cutting or scooping out a small portion of the food into a bowl and then I allow it to cool before I taste it. Safety and keen alertness are always necessary when it comes to any form of cooking.

On contrast, baking food takes a lot of patience because one has to prepare the food well before placing anything in an oven. Oven food is very tasty and delicious, especially if sauces are involved. Homemade oven food can typically take up to three hours during the baking process. It is always a good idea to monitor what you cook every thirty minutes and keep the oven light on. During the baking process, I keep oven gloves near to quickly place on when I have to check the food.

Usually, when baking I only put one dish in the oven at a time. However, on the stove I am able to cook about three different dishes at a time. Cooking on the stove gives me more control to produce great dishes. Plus, cooking on the stove saves me an enormous amount of time in my day. After awhile, it is all about taste buds. For instance, frozen foods tend to come out better baked in the oven in my opinion. Usually, if I decide to bake in the oven then I set aside a day where I do not have much to do. After-all, to my belief having the ability to depict any cuisine is what truly makes one a renowned chef.

Sheba Bonita
Sheba Bonita
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