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Float On

Family Owned Treat, Sweats, and Fries

By Trycia LinoPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

The fun, Hawaiian pineapple-themed restaurant started out as an idea. The idea then became a reality when the company opened a food truck. Shave ice was the first creation, but K felt she wanted to expand and do more. She traveled to Hawaii to investigate the exotic flavors and items Hawaii has to offer. They went to every shave ice in Hawaii and picked the best flavors. When they arrived home from their trip, they knew they wanted to be better than the other companies around. They got the best machines that actually shaves the ice instead of pieces. This adaptation to the process enhances the taste of the shave ice.

Enjoy the sun on outdoor tables.

One really nice thing the restaurant has is an outdoor patio. The patio gives such an amazing space to the restraint for the summer. The owners plan to have fun activities that families can do together such as a bean bag toss, and other games. Another benefit to an outside area is the sun is so warming and when there is too much, you can sit under the umbrellas.

The Industrial Feel

When K had the idea of creating this company, there was a lot of trial and error. She started with a food truck, then in January a building in Syracuse became available which they renovated to what is now Float On.

K wanted to make a comfortable environment so everyone would want to come hang out, have some fries, a float, and plug in the laptop and work. The feel of the space is industrial. It is open and friendly with colors that compliment their environment. A fun flair is the wall prints. On most of the walls, there are pineapples done in pastel colors. They also have a unique license plate collection. If you can bring in a plate they do not have, they have a prize for you.


One of the most unique things that Float On has done with their floats is put them in a full size pineapple. If you do not feel like you can handle a full size pineapple, there is also the half size, 6oz, or, 12oz float. The float combos are listed above. One of my favorites is the Mexico. I really like the Jarritos cream soda.


This is my favorite combo float. I love how the orange flavor and the cream come together making a smooth silky feeling with a little pop from the carbonation.

Variety of Combos

The first business did not have so many elements. Jordan came up with the idea to add the fries to the menu. This brought the savory sweat with the salty sensation.

These fries are not your run of the mill potatoes. The fries that are used are coated before they are fried and have such a crisp texture. Add to this amazing difference the toppings and you have a fun salty oasis of flavor. My favorite is the Garlic Parmesan fries. They are not too overpowering with the garlic and the parmesan is just the perfect amount. I don't know how they do it.

Along with the fries are the sauces. There are three different sauces to choose from. The BBQ sauce is just the perfect tanginess. The spicy sauce gives the sauce a little kick that takes the fries to a new level. Then there is the original sauce, that is anything but original.

The waitresses are nice and treat you like family.

Just when you thought it could not get any better, Taffy brought into the company the eatable cookie dough and amazing brownies. The cookie dough comes in several different flavors and is topped with ice cream making it stand out above the rest. The brownies are so delectable. The first bite just melts in your mouth giving you a rush of chocolate with a mint taste in the end from the Andes mint.

This is the Andes Mint Brownie. You can see how it is loaded with pieces of the Andes Mints. The brownie is so moist and chewy you will not want to put it down, but in a few bite you will be full from the richness and have to save the rest for later.

The Openness

Another wonderful thing about this place is that you can see them make your food. There is no guessing on if it is being dong correctly, because they prepare it behind this bar, and bring it out for you.

TVs for Fun and Relaxation

There are TVs set up in the dining area so you can enjoy your favorite show. Don't be afraid to ask them to turn on your favorite channel. They are very accommodating.

For some fun summer activities they are thinking of using the TVs for Karaoke.

Sit back and enjoy.

This place is a fun enjoyable place that the whole family will have fun with. The sweetness and the salty come together to have a party in your mouth. Your taste buds will never be the same again.


About the Creator

Trycia Lino

Trycia has a BS in Sociology and Gerontology. Her MAED in Counseling and a ABD PhD in Edication. She is the Author The Guardian of Machu Picchu Elixir of Life.

She is married to an amazing man Daniel, and has two amazing boys.

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