Enjoy Blueberry Pancakes on National Blueberry Pancake Day

Eat blueberry pancakes until your heart is content on January 28 each year.

Enjoy Blueberry Pancakes on National Blueberry Pancake Day
Stack of Delicious Blueberry Pancakes

If you love pancakes, January 28 is the day to eat as many stacks as you want. If you love blueberry pancakes, you have another reason to indulge. Many people love pancakes, and they have a favorite. However, people around the country are celebrating with blueberry pancakes. That's because it is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Some restaurants offer free or discounted pancakes if you order blueberry pancakes on its national day.

Don't get this special pancake day confused with National Pancake Day, when any kind of pancake is honored on March 4 each year. On that day, you can celebrate by ordering your favorite whether you select plain or another kind.

What exactly is a pancake?

In some parts of the country, pancakes are known by other names, such as hotcakes, griddlecakes, or flapjacks. You probably could take the two words, pan and cake, to come up with a good definition. After all, the food is a cake, and it is cooked in a pan. Therefore, it is safe to say that a pancake is a cake that is prepared from a batter that is cooked in a hot frying pan.

For a plain pancake, the batter is made from only a few ingredients, including flour, eggs, milk, and baking powder. After combining all the ingredients, make sure your pan is hot enough for the batter that is poured to form a round circle. Flip the pancake over after it has turned brown on one side.

On National Blueberry Pancake Day, feel free to add blueberries to your batter. On other days, you may add other ingredients. Some popular selections include chunks of apples, bananas, chocolate chips, pieces of cheese, or sugar. Some cooks also include cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract. A secret to having fluffy pancakes is to add yogurt to the batter.

Pancake Toppings

You may use the same ingredients as a topping that you used for the batter. That means you will be eating what's inside as well as what you put on top of the pancakes. Of course, the favorite topping is syrup that comes in different flavors, including blueberry. You might also use jam, applesauce, honey, peanut butter, whipped cream, nuts or whatever you desire. The sky's the limit when it comes to what you put inside and on top of your pancakes.

When is a good time to eat pancakes?

Anytime is a good time to eat pancakes. That's one reason the popular pancake restaurants stay open all night. Pancakes are so nutritious that many people eat them for breakfast to start their day. They are tasty enough for a mid-day snack. They are quick and easy to make to be eaten for lunch or dinner if that's what someone wants. Some people enjoy pancakes as a treat for a dessert, especially when they put a scoop of ice cream on top.

Can diabetics eat pancakes?

Diabetics can eat pancakes in moderation. Eating blueberry pancakes will be a welcomed treat for people with Type 2 diabetes because blueberries often help lower blood sugar. Therefore, those who suffer from the disease don't have to be left out on January 28 when their families are eating blueberry pancakes. They can join everyone else without feeling guilty. They just need to go easy on the toppings.

Pancake Trivia

There are some interesting things to know about pancakes.

  • The world's largest pancake measured more than 49 feet in diameter and weighed a whopping 6,614 pounds.
  • People in the South eat more pancakes than those in other parts of the United States. Southerners eat 32.5 percent of the country's pancake consumption.
  • There are 520 calories in two plain pancakes served with butter and syrup.

Don't just eat plain pancakes on National Blueberry Pancake Day. Celebrate with others around the country who are eating the delicious treat.

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