Eat Healthy While Still Eating Out

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What to Stay Away From

Eat Healthy While Still Eating Out

Healthiest Restaurants For Traveling

In today's society, everyone is constantly on the go, which means many people are having to eat on the go. Eating on the go is not really the best thing for your health, but sometimes there really isn’t any other option, and you just have to grab some food on the go. Most of the American population eats at a restaurant every day or two. If you are eating out you should at least try to make healthier choices, so what are the best restaurants to choose from?

Domino’s Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, and you do not want to miss out on this tasty treat just because you are trying to lose weight. They have really tried to rebrand themselves within the past few years, and they have done a good job. If you stick to thin crust, which are some of the lightest slices in America, and add minimum toppings, or just vegetables then you are going to have a nice low-calorie treat. The thick crust pizzas, pasta bowls, and desserts are all super tempting, but super high in calories.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant that is loved by a wide variety of people, from vegans to meat lovers to drunks that are looking for something to eat at three AM. They offer a large number of different types of food, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that is low in calories. Some things you need to avoid at Taco Bell are the smothered burritos, anything that is XXL, and you should even be wary of their salads.


You never really hear about McDonald's being a decent option for eating healthy, but you can keep the calories low if you are careful, and pay attention to the calories. Sometimes their burgers have fewer calories than the salad, which is absolutely crazy. So, you should really look at the calories for everything online before making your choice. One thing that is not low in calories are those world-famous fries that they have to offer.


Even though Chipotle has had a few incidents in the past, they are still a healthy choice. They use fresh, organic ingredients, which helps keep this choice healthy. You can customize your whole meal, so you’ll be in charge of how many calories you will be taking in. Even though their chips can be tempting, they can add up to well over 500 calories, you will also want to stay away from the flour tortillas, rice, and sour cream.


Subway has a pretty good reputation for being a healthy fast food choice among busy people. The great thing about Subway is that it is completely customizable, so you can keep the calories low without a ton of special requests. You will want to be careful when it comes to the hot subs, chips, soda, and the foot-longs. These can all make the calorie count add up quickly. So, try to stick to the cold cuts and 6-inch subs.

Get Ready For Summer But Still, Enjoy Food!

Everyone wants to be able to feel confident by the pool, but still enjoy the delicious food that you are surrounded by. There are plenty of local options no matter where you are located, but these chains are also good choices, and they're located all over the country, or even the world. So, use these tips to be able to keep that summer bod, and enjoy a little fast food here and there. While you’re at it, go check out custom pools Palestine, and get your own pool to keep enjoying what summer has to offer while chowing down on some healthy, fast food.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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