Easy Protein Muffin Recipe

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They're berry good

Easy Protein Muffin Recipe

Holiday berry protein muffins - aka - How to eat and diet, Chelsea Swift narration, available on Amazon. Just kidding. That's a 2020 project.

Welcome to the blog. Today, I am throwing down the EASIEST protein muffin recipe you will see on the internet.

As you may or may not know, I am not a food blogger.

I am a blog drinker. That means, I brunch and I blog, like critics be gone. Aka please save your fancy reviews for someone who ACTUALLY cares. Queue it, Gar.

Me in real life. Let's chat cooking "basics".

In a world full of Instagram food posts that I will never not like, it's easy to get swept away in portion distortion.

Not to mention the .33 cent upgrade at almost every major coffee shop this season - which "stealth-fully" (Is that a word?) takes your small coffee from 25 grams of sugar up to 96.

I know. That's why I'm here - to shine light on these subjects.

First fact: your health is your most important asset. Not your business. Not your money. Not your boat. YOU. Everything else is just venti mocha latte. Like, what does that even mean? So, stick to what's real.

Real ingredients. Every time you bake. Every time you cook. Every time you order out - and you won't have to worry about your mood, cravings, or weight.

I think the biggest challenge when cooking, baking, or ordering a meal, is finding that nice balance between something healthy and making something delicious - but, Can I tell you a little secret?

It's all about the seasoning. That's it. No school certificate or talent required. (puts on truthful chef hat)

That's why everything at a restaurant "tastes better", that's why you think someone is a great cook - it's JUST the seasoning bae. That's it.

With seasoning? ANYTHING can taste good. Yes, even a pig's ass.

Now - If you're just starting out. I feel you. I was so overwhelmed when I first started learning about health and cooking and how to balance it all too.

The good news is, you can have the things you love, as long as you balance it with healthier options.

Even better news is once you learn to season, even the healthier options taste really good - you just need to find good recipes. (like the one I have for you today)

Truth bomb? No one has ever taught me how to cook either, so you are now rocking with the best. I actually remember thinking it was going to be hard - and guess what? It's not.

Truth bomb 2: Can you read directions? Okay, then congratulations, you can cook!

Truth bomb three. Every great cook, just started with recipes, which are literally, just directions.

Yup. Just like your IKEA pamphlets you get with a shelf, it's the same game, just follow along.

And, as you practice the basic "directions" aka simple recipes, you will start to get your seasonings down, and eventually, you can begin to free style.

I mean, I'll rock a mic. Check me out on my podcast and YouTube channel after this - click here. But, back to what I saying, it's like anything in life. If you practice, you will get better. So, anybody that feels like they can't cook raise your hand....

...okay, that's more than I thought, but, that's why I wanted to throw down this easy RECIPE that will help you break on to the cooking scene while enjoying something healthy AND delicious.

By now, my loyal's know (loyal's = day 1 supporters) that we just jump right into the recipe, no sense in making you scroll through paragraphs of directions, like, ready or not - take a shot.

(takes shot) From the top: this muffin recipe is QUICK, easy, affordable, and healthy. Around the holidays, we know it can be tough to stay and get back on track...

(pours wine) so, here is your "save the day" healthy muffin recipe. Enjoy! xo

Easy Berry Protein Muffins | Recipe


1 Cup | Protein pancake mix (Okay, quick tip: invest in this! You can make anything with it - waffles, pancakes, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, banana bread, I mean - the sky is the limit. The best part? It has that extra protein you're probably missing in your diet and cuts a ton of calories)

2/3 Cup | Almond Milk

1 | Egg

Handful of berries (I used a frozen strawberry, blueberry, raspberry mix)

Handful of dark chocolate chips (optional)

Sprinkle of cinnamon + 2 packets of Stevia

Drizzle of honey

A note from our chef: Aka it's me, again. Okay so, no factory sugar or guilt required. These are pretty clean which means they'll keep you lean. Add more sweetener as needed, but just try to keep it light.

Directions: Mix all of that in a bowl with a fork. Pour Into Your Muffin Tin. Bake @ 350 | for 13-15 minutes (I don't know your oven boo, but mine has 3 personalities, so I'm ranging the time for everyone's safety) | Cool for 5 mins | Serving size is about 3 | Just double up the measurements to make bigger batches, I know, love yas!

Alright, that's my quick / healthy recipe of the week! In all seriousness, these are great for busy schedules...

... when you have no time to meal prep or no idea what you're doing in the kitchen - having these muffins on hand , genuinely saves me so much time, so many calories, and, bad decisions.

For more weight loss tips, daily motivational pep talks on your way to work, health/beauty advice at the gym, and SOUL much more. Check out my Podcast + YouTube Videos = Both Linked Below.

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Chelsea Swift
Chelsea Swift
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