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Reasons for choosing an Ennis family restaurant

By Max RubyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Ennis family restaurant is a locally owned and operated spot that is recognized for its authentic Italian cuisine. It has been awarded numerous awards over the years, and it is especially famous for its delicious pizza. The restaurant is known to serve high-quality meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients. Dishes served here are made using traditional Italian recipes and cooking methods, and they are well-liked by customers. The menu of Ennis family restaurant contains many dishes to choose from, including appetizers, pizzas, pastas, soups and salads. There is a variety of pizzas to choose from that cater for the different tastes of their customers.

1. It is a family-oriented restaurant

Their motto is to "serve the best Italian food with a warm family atmosphere", and only the best is provided for their customers. The staff can be described as friendly, personable and professional. You will always feel welcomed when you visit this restaurant, and you also get to enjoy authentic Italian dishes that are prepared to order with fresh ingredients. Family owned businesses are known to provide better customer service than other types of restaurants. They really care about each individual customer, so they aim to make sure that their guests have a quality experience at their establishment.

2. You get to enjoy delicious and authentic Italian cuisine

Their chefs use only high-quality ingredients that are imported from Italy. There is a wide variety of pizzas to choose from on their menu, and each one of these has its unique taste to offer. The restaurant is known for the authenticity of their food, as well as the taste and quality of their dishes. The chefs have been trained in Italy, so they are experts in making authentic Italian food. If you want to enjoy a quality meal that tastes exactly like you would find it in Italy, then this is the place for you.

3. You can watch the game while you enjoy your meal

In addition to their delicious food and friendly services, they also cater to the needs of their customers by showing both college and pro sports games on the multiple flat screen TVs that are placed around the restaurant. If you are someone who enjoys watching sports while you dine out, then this is definitely a restaurant that you should visit. Their menu also offers a wide selection of wines that are imported from Italy. You should definitely order a bottle of red or white wine with your meal, as these wines offer a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages like beer or cocktails.

4. They are able to accommodate large groups of guests

They have a large dining area that is able to seat up to 90 people comfortably. If you and your friends want to enjoy good Italian food together, then this is the place for you. You will be able to dine at the restaurant with a maximum of 15 people. They also have private dining rooms that can accommodate from 10 to 40 guests, depending on how large the table is. The staff will help you invite your guests and organize the seating arrangements for your group. They make it very convenient for groups to assemble in their restaurant for a leisurely lunch or dinner.


Ennis family restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian dishes that you can choose from. They are famous for their authentic Italian food, like their pizzas, calzones and strombolis. The chefs have been trained in Italy and they use only the highest quality ingredients to prepare the recipes that they serve here. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your meal with good friends and family.


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