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Coolest Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Butter

These are the best gifts for anyone who loves butter that will make them melt.

By Sherry CampbellPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Though butter lovers might be a bit obscure when it comes to their likes, there are plenty of options for gift giving! Whether they love butter because of the foods and baked goods you can make with them or with it on them, or just simply because they love butter, these presents will please anyone within those lines.

Ranging from a butter mister to a butter churner, these are the coolest gifts for anyone who love butter.

To start off this list of the best gifts for anyone who loves butter we had to begin with a simple yet cute butter dish set. The dish has the simple phrase, "More is butter" while the butter knife says "Butter my buns," and any butter lover will melt over this adorable set. The butter knife is silverplated metal and the dish is ceramic, which can be easily hand-washed. Add some extra style to your butter containers, and gain a few smirks along the way.

One of the most unique gifts for anyone who loves butter is Butter: A Rich History written by the award-winning food writer and chef, Elaine Khosrova. The history of butter is uncovered not only through the culinary aspect, but also the historical and cultural. Get to know this kitchen staple extremely well with this read on the way that butter has affected our world.

This is a reusable plastic butter saver that will make capping your butter sticks that much easier. Forget using plastic wrap, foil, bags, or anything else to try and retain the quality of your butter. It can be easily thrown in the dishwasher to clean and is made with silicone that is food safe. There are also options within the company that can be used for cheese, meat, and even beer. Your butter lover will not want to live without them.

After gifting this stainless steel butter sprayer, your butter lover will never butter their popcorn or corn without it. As one of the best gifts for anyone who loves butter, this kitchen accessory is a universal way to spray anything you need in the kitchen, including cooking sprays and of course butter.

Another adorable butter dish, but this one is definitely a statement peice compared to the first option we gave you. As a perfectly cute addition to your kitchenware, this cow butter dish will be the new protector to your butter lover's favorite dairy product. Made by Uncommon Goods's Becky Ziemer, this is a no-slip option that will keep your butter sanitary. Plus, it's super easy to clean.

One of the most perfect gifts for anyone who loves butter who is serious about their dairy loving lifestyle, this butter churner will take them back in time with the ability to create their very own.

Simply pour the whipping cream in, turn the handle, and your fresh butter will be ready in no time. To read more about the experience, an Uncommon Goods tester wrote a blog on it.

Definitely one of the most obscure butter knives that you'll ever see. But also one of the coolest. This is a balancing knife that keeps food off the table and dirt off the knife. Keep your counters, tabletops, and placemats safe from any butter or other condiments by simply allowing this knife to stand up, away from any surfaces. Say goodbye to flatware, and your butter lover will never worry about messes again.

As one of the most helpful gifts for anyone who loves butter, this butter grater will shred even the coldest, hardest butter and turn it into smooth and thin noodles that make for easy spreading. The grater will always be used as a spreader, for the one process to be used with one simple accessory. It's dishwasher safe, stainless steel, and is included with a lifetime warranty. What better of a gift could you give? Gift the gift of convenience.

Another tool that aids in the spreading process, this spreader is built specifically for corn on the cob action. Made of simple, yet durable plastic for the easy procedure of buttering your freshly-cooked ears of corn for the ample butteriness. The curved edges fit around the cob and will coat each kernel and prepare it for the next step, salt. Plus, it will coat on the desired amount of butter and will leave off any access, to avoid too much being left on the food.

To finish this list of the best gifts for anyone who loves butter, this butter crock will look both aesthetically pleasing in your friend's kitchen and is also a high-quality product to hold your friend's most prized kitchen possessions. It is designed after the original French butter crock and has been recreated for any common household. Store butter for ample freshness for up to one month. Plus, it comes in multiple different colors to match your butter lover's kitchen theme.

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