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Comfort Foods

Some of my favs

By Flying AcePublished 24 days ago 3 min read
Comfort Foods
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Comfort foods. They get their name since in the moments of life where we have our ups and downs but especially our downs, our tidal waves, and life bomb moments, the food in this category seems to at least make life a little bit better and allows the light at the end of the tunnel to prickle in.

For me, it's anything greasy and sweet that makes it on the comfort food list. I will always say yes to burgers and pizza, no matter what time of day. Long live pizza. My usual order of pizza includes pepperoni and mushrooms as my father has passed down that tradition to me, as he and I are the only ones who like their pizza like that. In addition, the pizza must always be hand-tossed or stuffed crust.

Furthermore, I also enjoy my burgers having bacon on them, and they must always be beef, like real 100% Angus beef, not veggie meat. I think some of my favorite burger joints have been In-N-Out, A&W, and Whataburger. I also would like to add Chick-fil-A to this list even though they only have chicken products they are just as good.

Now that I've discussed the greasy foods, it's time for the sweet foods to make an entrance. I am a big sucker for chocolate-covered raisins, Reese's cups, and Bark Thins. I will also eat cupcakes, marble cake, and any cake or bakery products for that matter. Since I am Hispanic, I have been blessed to have tasted the sweet delicacies that Mexico has to offer. I am deeply in love with Mazapanes. Even though sweets don't help us in the long run, while eating them in the moment it's almost like tasting a little bit of heaven. I also enjoy eating Lindt chocolates, it's so cool to let the chocolate melt in your mouth and then be able to taste the delicious liquid chocolate inside the hard exterior of the chocolate.

Now that I think about it, the Disney movie, Ratatouille, perfectly describes exactly what it feels like when you taste good food. In this case, the good food is comfort food. At least when I eat any of my comfort foods, it gives me a warm feeling. It's pretty incredible the power that food has. It connects people in ways that sometimes words and actions fail to do so. It brings about traditions, it can be an expression of love. Food can even be a way of taking out our anger upon the world. I feel it is kind of weird but along with eating and enjoying the food, watching people make the food is very fascinating. It brings an unexplainable enjoyment to see people in their element and sharing their passion with strangers.

Since I talked about tradition, I'll throw in this little bit. One of the traditions that my family and I have just recently embraced is making "Mexican Wedding Cookies" for Christmas and sharing the cookies with all our friends and family. With the fact that these cookies make it in the top five sweet comfort foods, it has been super cool to see the joy that comes on their faces when they receive their batch of cookies. Even though making these cookies is very time-consuming, it is relaxing in a way and I have seriously enjoyed watching my mom make them when I was growing up to being able to make them myself. I still call her from time to time just to make sure that the cookies turn out just right.

Comfort foods. One of my favorite hobbies to indulge in after work. Feel free to comment on some of your favs. Thanks for reading!


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran24 days ago

    I enjoyed this so much and I'm so hungry now, lol. My comfort food is pizza!

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