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Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits And Nuts?

by Mustafa Rangoonwala about a year ago in healthy
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Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits and Nuts For Weight Loss?

The nuts are very healthy food and are recommended to consume on a regular basis because of many health benefits. For example, people who regularly eat them would be less likely to develop heart disease.

Among other virtues, they provide energy, help the proper functioning of bones and organs, satisfy the hunger to arrive with less anxiety to the next meal, collaborate in the prevention of cancer and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

It is a food that can also be included in any of the four main meals of the day, both in sweet and savoury dishes or as a snack. But there is a time of day when it is better to consume it than the others.

The star moment is at snack time when you return to work after lunch with digestion in progress and your mood and energy drop. It is also a way to combat hunger that arises hours after eating. Consuming them at that precise moment will help you obtain the necessary fuel to continue with the day and you will be satisfied.

Today we tell you which are the best nuts for each moment of the day. Each one of them provides different nutritional values, so the time you consume them is decisive to get the best of them.

Pistachios for work: Consuming this nut can improve work performance since it produces the highest response in gamma waves (which are crucial to increase cognitive processing), information retention, learning and perception. In addition, it is recommended to eat between 30 to 50 pistachios to reduce cardiovascular diseases. Yes! You have read the amount correctly!

Nuts for breakfast: Nuts are very nutritious, energetic and healthy fruits. They have vitamins such as the B complex, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, essential amino acids, proteins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. In the morning energy is needed to face activities and the nut contains that energy that we need so much. Also, the properties of the walnut help the proper functioning of the brain, and this dried fruit is an excellent food for it

The recommended amount per day is 2 to 4 whole walnuts per day.

Almonds to start the day: Almonds are a dry fruit with multiple benefits for our health. They improve our body by providing it with Vitamin E and proteins, facilitating muscle development, exercising memory and acting as an antioxidant. Frequent consumption of almonds contributes to the well-being of our body.

The consumption of  20 almonds a day represents about 150 calories in the body and is the maximum recommended to avoid consuming an excess of calories with its intake.

Almonds are one of the nuts that contain the fattest, so they are recommended for the first hours of the day, including mealtime.

Hazelnuts in your snack: Hazelnuts are caloric nuts, so they should be eaten in moderation. Despite this, they are very healthy and are accompanied by many other essential nutrients for health.

Hazelnuts are used to combat physical and mental overexertion, stress, constipation, hypertension, signs of ageing, anaemia, diabetes and intestinal parasites.

As we have mentioned, hazelnuts contain high-fat content, so it is recommended to eat between 15 and 20 hazelnuts a day maximum. This equates to 130 calories a day.

Hazelnut is a dried fruit that you can add to your snacks. With a yoghurt, in a smoothie or even making a cream with them!

Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits and Nuts For Weight Loss?

Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits And Nuts

When we open the bag of walnuts, almonds, peanuts and other dried fruits it seems that there is no human way to close it. Unintentionally it empties and we pray that it will be filled again (failing that, we open another). We promise, unsuccessfully, not to eat any more garish of this type, not knowing that a daily serving of nuts can do us a lot of good and get away from their false myths. We just have to know what time of day it is best to take them.

The amount that fits in half a fist is the perfect measure to enjoy those nuts that we like so much and that makes us feel so guilty when we fill our mouths with them. But if we succumb to the eye of a good cuber and we trust the amount that remains in a closed fist, we do not have to feel guilty.

Upside down: The nuts will give us energy, so we will be more active, we will absorb their nutrients, they will help the proper functioning of bones and organs and they will satisfy our hunger to arrive with less anxiety for the next meal.

But all this is allowed and recommended if we respect the most advisable times to take them.

What time to take them: A good option is snack time: we go back to work with digestion undone and our energy relapses, in addition to starting to notice the bug two hours after finishing eating. Eating nuts at that time will give us the energy we need to continue with the day, we will understand them as our snack and we will rid ourselves of hunger.

The other, the mid-morning snack, which will prevent you from arriving at noon with the desire to eat a wild boar.

Finally, they are also great if you use them as another ingredient, but not the most abundant, of our noon dishes. This is, as a salad dressing, for homemade creams or batters.

Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits and Nuts As Per Ayurveda?

There is an Ayurvedic proverb that says: "When the diet does not work, medicine is useless. When diet is correct, medicine is not necessary." What are the bases and what does food consist of, according to this ancient practice?

Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits To Gain Weight?

Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits To Gain Weight

In general, the closer a food is to its natural state, the more benefits it will provide. Therefore, whole, unprocessed nuts are the ideal choice. They maximize satiety and minimize caloric absorption.

If you buy them with the shell, even better, because you will consume less. Partly because you have to put in more effort, but also because the accumulation of shells acts as a visual reminder of how many you've eaten.

What quantity would be recommended? According to studies, 30-50 grams per day does not produce weight gain and provides all the benefits mentioned. Eat the ones you prefer, ideally combined.

Best Time To Eat Cashew?

The best time to eat cashew nuts would be in the morning. You can eat them raw or grill them. You can also add cashew nuts to smoothies and your fruit and salad bowls.

Can We Eat Dry Fruits at Night?

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts or pistachios have large amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, known as "healthy fats", in addition to the hormones melatonin and magnesium, both related to improving sleep. Products derived from nuts, such as peanut butter, can also have these advantages, although they will always be to a lesser extent and the presence of processed sugars could counteract this.

Whole foods like oatmeal, wheat, rice, or pasta are an excellent source of serotonin and therefore melatonin. In addition, they provide large amounts of vitamin B and slowly absorbed carbohydrates (which promote a feeling of satiety and well-being).

Which Dry Fruits Should Be Soaked in Water?

Should you soak in nuts and seeds before eating? Why do many raw vegetarian recipes claim to soak walnuts before using them? What are the benefits? Read on to find out!

There are many reasons for soaking walnuts from the taste to the high nutritional value. Sometimes it is to prepare food easily that mixes more easily.

Mixed nuts are used in many raw vegetarian dishes like other recipes, whether it's to make raw nut milk (like this vegan raw almond milk recipe) or to bake baked goods, cookies, and As Cake (raw vegan chocolate chips with these cookies).

Other iconic benefits of soaking nuts and seeds include enzyme activity, increased absorption of nutrients from the body by food, and better digestibility.

When soaked, the nuts and seeds will begin the germination process, increasing their nutrient profile. Walnuts should be soaked only after removing them from their shells. You will notice that skinless nuts such as macadamia, cashew or Brazil nuts do not contain the most water residues, but it is recommended to soak the mixture easily and for nutritional purposes.

How Much Dry Fruits To Eat In a Day?

The general recommendation is between 4 and 10 a day, depending on the dried fruit. Nuts like hazelnuts, cashews, almonds etc., we can eat up to 10 units in a day. In the case of walnuts, for example, the recommended amount is reduced to 4-5.

Taking into account the ideal amount of nuts for each day, we must also remember that not only does nothing mark the volume like a nut, at least not a healthy one.

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