Best Grilling Hacks

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Be the king or queen of the patio this summer with these grilling hacks.

Best Grilling Hacks

Come this summer and you will probably throw parties in your backyard. Spending some quality time with your family and friends in your yard and playing those outdoor games with everyone can have its own share of fun. Of course, if there is a party, there will also be food. Many of you prefer to grill some food in your yard while the party goes on. It is true that grilling should never appear like a chore or a bore to you if you wish to have a few parties at home. There are several grilling hacks, brought to you by BBQ Pro Gear, that could make things simpler for you and also enjoyable at the same time.

Useful Grilling Hacks

It is true that there are several grilling hacks that can prove to be useful for you. If you could remember some of these hacks, you will feel like throwing more frequent parties than ever before. Some of these grilling hacks are discussed below.

Rosemary as skewers will be better.

While grilling many a times you will find vegetables and meat falling off through the grill gates. Try and use rosemary as skewers. These are normally quite sturdy and will also give an extra flavor to your grilled dishes. However, if you do not have rosemary at home, you may use two skewers instead of just one. This will make the task of flipping the kebabs much easier. There are also wooden skewers that people use. If you also use wooden ones, always soak them in water before using them. This will prevent them from getting burnt.

Better use a muffin tin for your condiments.

Various types of condiments such as mustard, pickles, and ketchup often have a tendency of falling off on the ground or even getting mixed up with each other if served on the same plate. You may use a muffin tin instead. This will prevent the various condiments from getting mixed and also keep all the jars and bottle out of the way.

Throw your grill brush away.

So, you think that a grill brush is very helpful for you? Well, it will be better if you simply get rid of it. There are multiple alternatives to a grill brush that are much better and easier to use. These include an onion or even an aluminum foil. If you choose the latter, simply crunch it up to make a ball out of it. Hold it with a pair of tongs and run it over the grill grates before it cools down. When it comes to using an onion, slice it into half and rub it on the grill grates. It will be better to clean the grates with the onion before starting your barbecue. The acidity from the onion will make the surface nonstick and convenient for you.

Start a fire with an egg carton.

Sometimes starting a fire on your grill can often pose a major headache. You can use an egg carton to start a fire on your grill. This will help start the fire very quickly and also conveniently. You may also use this trick while camping or even while sitting by a fire pit. Fill up an egg carton with charcoal bricks and light the carton. By the time the fire dies out, the charcoal bricks will start.

Cut hot dogs in the spiral shape.

Do you wish to have something impressive for your guests? Try to cut the hot dogs in a spiral shape. It will not just make them look cool, it will also help the hot dogs cook evenly. The spiral crevices will also hold the condiments in place.

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