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They are amazing.

By Renee QuaileyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

It’s no secret food is amazing, and so is fruit. But do you know what is extra special? Berries. Why are they so tasty, healthy, and refreshing? Berries are like nature's candy that our planet hands out to us with her twig-like fingers when we are walking along country roads. Our friend Earth is basically Willy Wonka.


Look at them. Not only are they beautiful, with their strong color, and delicate, but sweet smell. They are also delicious. When you put these little gems in your mouth, you are immediately greeted with a tiny explosive juicy pop.

Blueberries are also incredibly good for you. They lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and decrease the risk of cancer, and that is not even all of the benefits, they are overflowing with goodness, such as vitamin C and K, and a lot of fibre.

Blueberries have lots of creative uses as well. Some that you might not have thought of. For example, you can make Blueberry grilled cheese, and I know that sounds a tiny bit disgusting, but it looks amazing, I am 100 percent trying this at home. I also found some blueberry and white chocolate ginger cookies, which made me feel slightly hungry and I think the perfect thing to wash them down would be blueberry sweet tea.


These red, juicy, and round berries are a treat. Cranberries aren't usually eaten on their own, but they are put with other amazing ingredients and made into an exquisite meal.

Cranberries are not just a treat for the eyes and the mouth, they are also healthy. Cranberry juice is excellent for Urinary tract infections, which if you have ever had one, you know they are excruciating, so anything that helps prevent them are wonderful in my book. They also are great for the immune system and inflammation. So, less scratchy throats and snotty noses for its consumers. Cranberries are also very good for your hair, making it stronger, healthier and shinier.

Cranberries can be used to jazz up everyday ingredients, like butter, cranberries can bring a special sweetness to it, and not only that, it can make it pink. You can spread it on anything you desire. And adding cinnamon gives it an extra spicy kick.


Sure, the cake looks yummy, but look at those cherries. Filled with love and deliciousness, all they want to do is fill your belly with goodness. Cherries are a family favorite, for good reason, and they are regularly associated with sweetness.

Cherries are not only good to your taste buds, they are good for your health. Studies have shown they are beneficial to your sleep cycle, cherries have melatonin in them, which helps us to regulate our sleep schedules, and we all know how important sleep is. They also have been shown to help with arthritis, which is incredibly painful.

Cherries are usually thought of as an ingredient for desserts, but they can be used to add something special to a savoury meal. For example, how good does Chicken and cherry wine sauce sound. Cherries can also be used in salad, which makes it sound a little more exciting.

There are lots of wonderful berries in the world, so I would encourage you to look up all the different types, and all the different recipes. They have so many health benefits, more than what I've put in this article. They are not bland or mundane, and they can be eaten without anything else, to satisfy a sugar craving.

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