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Are Ramen Noodles Bad for You?

Here's my understanding of the matter.

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

We've all done it. College looming over our heads and food costs going up the budget and then getting rid of healthier options for the lovable snack called Ramen Noodles. But are these wonderful, vegan, cheap foods bad for you? I've been a fan of them my whole life but for the past 5 years I haven't consumed a single pack of these pre-processed noodles. But here's a look into what evidence is available and what the science says. Myth and fact will be debunked here and this will be my approach to the article. I will give you 5 major reasons why I left, and I think you should think over it too.

1) Instant noodles were found to contain high levels of lead in the Indian brands.


Noodles made by Nestle under the name Maggi Noodles in India were banned by the Indian government for 15 days after laboratory testing in Uttar Pradesh showed that they contained dangerously high amounts of lead and MSG (Source). This brand has also been on sale in the US for as little as 80 cents in Indian stores and is dangerous. Later on the ban was rescinded, but like they always say, better safe than sorry. Now it is important to note that of the major brands in America, there hasn't currently been a major story regarding these noodles so we're safe for now. However, another major brand Nissin that is popular in America was also found to contain high lead levels in the Indian province of Gujarat (Source). So I'd still be worried...

2) Instant Noodles are unhealthy.

Instant noodles contain dangerously high amounts of sodium (about 1400-1500 grams depending on brands), saturated fats, and preservatives. However they are as dangerous as the processed meat or fish you consume as well, all of which can be dangerous In a recent study (Source) by Baylor University, of 10,711 South Koreans studied from ages 19-64, those that consumed instant noodles more than twice a week suffered increased risk from a condition known as Metabolic Syndrome (which according to Mayo Clinic is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels — that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Source). It was also found to contain TBHQ (a petroleum by product) and the packaging contains bisphenol-A, a carcinogen.

So this video is from Mass General where the doctor saw through a pill camera the effect of ramen and regular noodles on digestion and how much more work the stomach had to do to digest the same amount of food. Now I'll give you this, there aren't many conclusions that can be drawn from this viral video and to be fair the doctor does say that but if it isn't digested much than my personal opinion is that it's only going to add to the weight.

4) There are so many better options.

Guys, the time of staying with instant is over. You can take a microwaveable plate or bowl, add water, and make normal non instant noodles in the microwave or frying pan just as fast. There are also a ton of snacks to chow down on if you need them to and the whole instant thing isn't as important as it used to be...

5) The Verdict

Guys, the facts are just that facts. I love ramen and other instant as much as the next guy. But the undeniable evidence is in. And it is generally better to lay off them. Maybe once or twice a month if you're really desperate but as far as I'm concerned, less is better...


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