8 Reasons You Should Find Your Nearest Diner

by Amber Stile 2 years ago in restaurants

Come on, you know there's nothing like an old-fashioned milkshake.

8 Reasons You Should Find Your Nearest Diner
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So, picture your favorite breakfast, pancakes or french toast or a nice stuffed omelette. What about lunch? Dinner? Here's the joy of a diner: you can get any meal at any time and they won't judge you. You want french toast at 11:30 at night? Great, do you also want powdered sugar on it? How about mashed potatoes at 3:00 in the morning? Sounds delicious, let's do it. This all leads me to my point that diner food is incredibly underrated. Sure, there are a few diners that are just garbage, but the keyword is few and your odds of getting that diner are slim. I've come up with 8 reasons that show diner food is incredibly underrated so keep reading!

1. It's usually cheap!

That's right, all my college kids out there. We're broke, we know it, but damn it we want a good juicy burger. Fun fact, it's usually $7-8 at a diner and they're decently sized with fries and cole slaw and a pickle. How about a milkshake? It might cost $3.50 but its made with real ice cream and they'll put as much as they can in your glass.

2. It's all real food.

Most chain restaurants have real food, but it's frozen and loses its flavor after a certain point. Diner food is almost always made to order, so it might take a few more minutes, but you're getting a fresh-cracked egg or just-grilled steak. Your fries, they weren't heated up in a microwave; they were just taken out of the fryer.

3. It's nostalgic.

There's just something about diner food that is nostalgic. It reminds you of when your grandma made raviolis and meatballs for you or how your dad could never quite get that burger just right. Even if you've never had the food before, it still will bring you back to an earlier time.

4. Speaking of which, they're usually retro.

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Now granted, they might not all look like the above, but every single diner I've been to has nice, spinning stools at the bar. They also always have a display case of their dessert. Hey, you might even find one with a jukebox.

5. Whatever Food You Want, Whenever You Want It

A diner is 24/7. You heard me, 24/7. You can literally fulfill all of your food cravings with a nearby diner. Like I said before, you can get french toast or mashed potatoes whenever you want. That also ties into what I said about it being real food; if they're open 24/7 they don't follow normal schedules for meals. They need to be prepared to cook anything at any time.

6. The serving size is ridiculous.

Look up food from any diner, ever. The plates are always ridiculously huge and they give you enough to fill up, eat leftovers later, and fill up again. All for a low price. So maybe it isn't IHOP's pancakes, but they're cheaper and just as filling. I got ravioli's once that were almost spilling over the already huge bowl.

7. Early Bird Specials

You can say they're for old people as much as you want, but if I can get a 4 course meal for $10, you better expect me to be there. Remember everything I've told you so far? Factor all of that into a $10 meal with a starter, entree, drink, dessert, and a few sides. It sounds worth it right? Go try it, it's usually from 3-6 and I guarantee you'll eat around then at some point.

8. It's just good food.

It's good, man. It's cheap and filling and they'll cook it however you like. People don't give diner's enough credit, but I promise you, they're worth it. There's a reason Guy Fieri goes to Drive-Ins, Dives, and oh yeah, Diners. They're amazing and if you haven't been to one or haven't been recently, close your computer and go now.

Amber Stile
Amber Stile
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