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Understand these points, you will not be far from happiness

Are you happy?

By Strange SuePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Understand these points, you will not be far from happiness
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Quietly, ask yourself a question, are you happy?

Perhaps many people feel that they are not happy, unhappy for their own reasons, happy people are similar, happy people are content with what they have, do not compare, live seriously, and enjoy the beauty of life in ordinary life.

Happiness is something everyone is pursuing, happy people, from his living conditions, his smile can be seen, some people are very rich in material life, but the mind is in the level of deprivation, so not happy, some people have a rich heart, noble soul, even if there is no how generous material conditions, but also can feel happy.

One, you can be happy if you don't compare

The first point to get happiness is not to climb, because climbing is the cause of dissatisfaction with life, not as good as life will make you live unhappy, and in the climbing with people around you, you will lose happiness. See colleagues with Hermes bags, you in order to meet the inner vanity, do not hesitate to save money to spend months of salary to buy a more expensive, but only to meet the face of the show, but let yourself for months to live in a very bad way, even to instant noodles to live, for a moment of vanity, why bother to let yourself live so badly, put down the climbing it, cut off the root of unhappiness.

The life of the non-comparison is not tired, let their vanity to zero, from now on, to be a practical person, poor or rich, happy life.

Second, feel satisfied with what you have, you can be happy

The second point to obtain happiness is to feel satisfied with what you have, poor or rich, are satisfied, even if you live a life of five thousand a month, living a frugal life, but also feel satisfied. Satisfaction, in fact, is not greedy, not too much desire, the reason why people are not happy, because the desire does not match their ability, want to get a lot of things very expensive, but they can not afford to buy, will be painful troubles. A person who is satisfied with life, content with life, even chewing buns, feel very happy, when your life can not support your desires, please stop unrealistic desires, make yourself easy as in, happy life.

Third, enjoy your life, live seriously and you will be happy

The third point to get happiness, is to enjoy life, serious life, with a heart to enjoy life, you will find the beauty of the ordinary small life, enjoy a cup of tea into your throat, enjoy a flower blooming in front of your eyes, read a book to nourish your soul, enjoy the comfort of a bath, enjoy the taste of food touching your tongue, enjoy a trip, these, will These will make you feel the beauty of life. May you find happiness in enjoying the beauty of life, experience the flow of the heart, and maintain a happy mood.

Fourth, raise the level of your soul and pursue spiritual happiness

The fourth point to obtain happiness is to raise the level of the soul and pursue spiritual happiness, spiritual joy and happiness is much happier than material joy and happiness. The highest level of happiness is always based on spirituality, material things are just enjoyment, but the flow of the mind experienced spiritually, "Dharma Happiness" is a joy and happiness that cannot be compared to anything else. This is a wonderful feeling of spiritual transcendence, leap and sublimation of the mind.

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  • test2 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Your descriptions are so vivid.

Strange SueWritten by Strange Sue

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