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When you feel disappointed with life, read these words

Amplify your desires and you may get disappointed

By Strange SuePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
When you feel disappointed with life, read these words
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Whenever we are at a turning point or low point in our lives, we are always looking ahead and back, afraid of the wolf in front and the tiger in the back, full of hesitation, and also bring ourselves troubles, so much so that in our ordinary lives, we are always disappointed with our lives.

The human heart is difficult to satisfy, if not restrained, then we are always living in endless extravagance, and their hearts are always unfilled, like a huge abyss that swallows them up all the time.

Amplify their desires, then you will get disappointed, so when we feel disappointed with life may wish to read the following words.

(a) Take simple things to the extreme, it is not simple

What is great, and what is successful, no one can give you the exact answer. Mother's love is great, so is national righteousness, earning a thousand dollars is successful, earning ten thousand dollars is also successful.

All the success and greatness in the world are for a specific individual, and for different people, there are naturally different definitions.

As an ordinary person among millions of individuals can do a simple thing to the extreme, it becomes no longer simple, to do an ordinary thing, to do wonderful, it will become extraordinary.

Do not have to spend too much thought in the grand blueprint above, perhaps your shining point in your hands at this time an ordinary work above, with limited energy to do a good job on simple things is enough.

(B) do not put all the hope on others

All your suffering and tears, others can not help you bear, and can not wipe for you, learn to redeem themselves is the best life posture.

When you are accustomed to put their hopes on others, then life will not be able to help themselves, once the dependence, then the only thing waiting for them is to be slaughtered.

Failure is not terrible, what is terrible is that you can not control the direction of things, when it succeeds in their own and what does it matter? Cowardly people always impose the cause of their own suffering on others, not knowing that they are the real helmsman of life.

(C) the premise of seeking help is never an exchange of equal value

Life's human feelings are always the exchange of courtesy, pay in return, this is the iron law since ancient times, there is no love without reason, there is no hate without reason, so when seeking help from others before the first thing to consider whether they have the value of each other's help.

Efforts to make themselves more valuable is a good way to open up for themselves, we can easily see the success of people around the tendency to rush, but also see the failure of people around the bland indifference, this is life.

Improve your status, improve your ability, and then get more exchange chips, do not try to use overdraft to seek a stable life.

Life is a cruel gladiatorial arena, it is also a rich amusement park, depending on what kind of vision you use to see it, with what kind of posture to meet it. When you feel that life is becoming worse and worse, you may want to find some words that can rekindle your hope, and perhaps in which you can find the answer to the solution.


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  • test2 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Your descriptions are so vivid.

Strange SueWritten by Strange Sue

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