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A Mission to Prevent Prostate Cancer

By Prosta CarePublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Prostate cancer is a serious illness that can affect men at any age. Unfortunately, it is often never discovered until the progression exceeds treatment.

My family recently experienced the devastating effects of this disease when my uncle passed away from prostate cancer. Scleral’s story has inspired me to learn more about his condition and work with professionals and survivors to uncover ways of early detection.

My uncle’s cancer was discovered with a scheduled screening at the age of 29. Scleral began experiencing mild symptoms on his 28th birthday, which caused a bit of concern. Although his symptoms were mild, my uncle would experience frequent urination along with difficulty starting and ending the stream of urine. Initially, he had dismissed these warnings as simply part of the aging process. However, when he went in for his annual check-up, the doctor suggested a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, an examination that will measure the levels of a protein produced by the prostate gland. The results of the test showed elevated levels of PSA, which prompted further investigation.

A biopsy was then performed to only reveal the presence of cancerous cells in his prostate gland. Surprisingly, the cancer was in its early stages, but it was aggressive and had already begun to spread beyond the gland. Treatment options were discussed with my uncle, and he ultimately decided to undergo a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Although both therapies are quite aggressive, my uncle’s cancer continued to progress to only take his life in the latter part of 2020. His death was a devasting blow to our family, especially to me. He was my favorite pal who would treat me as his equal, care about my emotional mindset, and make sure to always be there for me by spending one on one time with each other, he listened and understand my thoughts before responding. My uncle was the perfect best friend but his loss has also inspired me to take action. I have decided to dedicate my life to researching and discovering early prevention methods to share with men of all ages.

The most important message is to begin scheduling a routine screening with your doctor. PSA tests are a simple and effective way to detect prostate cancer early before it has a chance to spread beyond the gland. I would encourage all men to discuss the possibility of PSA testing with their healthcare provider, especially if they are experiencing any symptoms of prostate problems. I would pay close attention to the number of times you find yourself needing to urine. Studies have shown frequent urination and difficulty starting and stopping the flow of urine is a symptom of prostate problems.

Blood in the urine or semen is a symptom to beware against. Take notice of blood in your urine or semen, it could be an indication of prostate cancer. Yes, there are other causes for this so please schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to rule out any serious underlying issues.

Erectile dysfunction is also a concern. Prostate cancer will sometimes affect a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. If you experience persistent difficulties with sexual functioning, it is worthwhile discussing this with your doctor. Studies also conclude that erectile dysfunction may be related to prostate cancer.

In addition to routine screening, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol usage, are just a few lifestyle factors that can help alleviate the risks of prostate cancer.

I firmly believe through continued research and education, we can make progress in finding new ways to detect and eventually prevent prostate cancer early, ultimately saving lives and saving families the pain of losing loved ones to this disease.

Follow me to learn more about awareness and prevention through tips on diet and exercise. ProstaCare.

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Prosta Care

The loss of my uncle to prostate cancer has led me to research and share awareness of prostate health.


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