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The Three Ultimate Gifts

What do you really want this year

By Tim StiXPublished 4 years ago Updated 3 years ago 5 min read
The Three Ultimate Gifts
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The Greatest Gifts of all time

The Holiday Season is upon us. Carols ring-out in shopping centers, and a heightened feeling of goodwill and sentimentality abounds. Last visits with friends you won’t see for a while, end with: “Have a wonderful Christmas! See you next year”.

For all my cynicism and rough exterior. Even I, am feeling the warmth of the season. And looking forward to spending time with family, overeating and of course, present giving.

For most of you, the regular snow-themed decorations and general ambience will be the norm. The weather will be colder, perfect for digesting an over-stuffed belly. But for me, that’s is, my family and me. We will be snoozing in the shade by 2:00pm.

“Why is that?”, you mask ask. Simply put, we are from the home of a Looney Tunes character. An apt Studio for that crazy, insatiable rebel, Taz. Yes, Tasmania, almost at the bottom of the inhabited Globe; is our home.

You may think it is always cold in Tassie, and admittedly is does get quite chilly in winter. But it is Australia, and it is the middle of summer. Temperatures can hover around 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, while you will be stuffing down hot treats, such as, roasted turkey, ham, potatoes and possibly a warmed eggnog or two. Our usual fare is chilled seafood and ham and a cold beer. We may partake in a warm meal in the evening, when the sting has gone from the Sun. But, more than likely, some left-over prawns, or possibly you call them shrimps, will be the choice.

Enough talk about food, it’s making me hungry. The purpose of the story is gift-giving. What to give your loved ones. Does it have to be the perfect, ethically sourced, unimagined, unexpected, much-improved, better than last year, beautifully wrapped, beyond impressive, sealed with love, gift of the century? Or will a box of chocolates do?

Of course, you will be more imaginative than that! You give chocolates to someone you don’t know very well. That once-met, neighbour or work-colleague. Surely your nearest and dearest, deserve better than that!

I have come up with, the three ultimate gifts for the people you love.

The most precious gift

THE, most precious gift, is not in the list, because it is so wonderful, yet tragic. I’ll gloss over it quickly, so as not to dampen the mood. But of course, the most wonderful gift, is the gift of life. Donating a part of yourself, your important, let’s say, attributes. To someone who really needs them, is the ultimate gift. But if you or a loved one donates a vital organ. It is unlikely you will be opening any presents this year.

Choosing something appropriate!

Whenever I think of gifts for my better half. My long-suffering Wife. I think of that song, performed by Marilyn. No not Manson! Marilyn Monroe, in Men Prefer Blondes. You know the one. Anyway, a Pink Diamond has been hinted at, upon occasions, but beyond my budget unfortunately. “Pink diamonds are a girls … you know the rest! "

No, I think a contemporary woman would much prefer, is a nice house, in a nice suburb. A small, well behaved family and a HUGE shoe closet. Not just a walk-in wardrobe. But a large robe AND a walk-in shoe closet.

Carrying on the theme of music, what about musicians? A flautist would love a shiny new flute. A cellist, a well-toned cello. And an organist, a large org … oops! Moving on!

What about a guitarist? You just couldn’t resist buying them a stunning, $10k Paul Reed Smith. Or, cheap at forty times that price, a 1959 Les Paul Burst (now I’m really hungry).

For a drummer, sticks seem too cheap. But kits are so large, and noisy and expensive and noisy and … did I mention noisy? But of course, the best present for a drummer and everyone else, besides silent drums. Is rhythm. B-boom. 😀

Are you tired of my jokes yet? Sorry, just one more. I visited my doctor the other day, and being the season that it is. I asked him, what present he was hoping for this year? To which he replied, “More patience”. Where’s that drummer!

The Three Ultimate Gifts

Ok. Enough torture. What are the Three Ultimate Gifts for your nearest and dearest?

Here we go, in reverse order.


What does a close-knit group need? Loyalty.

Not just fidelity. Although, that is extremely important. If you cheat on your spouse, or your partner. Aren’t you really cheating on your family, in general?

Loyalty is important in all aspects of your family relationships. Don’t talk behind their back or allow rumours to spread that are untrue or unfair.

Don’t judge them. Spend some time understanding why they act the way they do, or why a situation arose. Walk around in their shoes for a while.

Close relationships don’t occur every day. Make sure you are doing all you can to foster a long, healthy friendship. Yes, you can be friends with your family.

And finally, loyalty also includes making sure they are ok. Happy, healthy, cared for and able to support their close family. You may not be able to help them financially, but a shoulder to cry on or a safe place to sleep for a night or two, means much more than mere money.

If you don’t support them, and back them one hundred percent. Are you really their nearest and dearest?

Loyalty beyond reproach.


Now Love. We all know that one. It goes without saying.

We may say we love someone. But action speaks louder than words. Do we love them, unconditionally, without doubt, no matter what happens?

Love is not about, image, location, health, wealth or habits. It exists from the time it blossoms, possibly the day one of you was born, until the day … well, even after you, or they, are no longer with us.

If you love something, set if free. If it returns to you, that is real and a two-way street. It if doesn’t, it never was.

True love is truly, without conditions.

Unconditional, true love.


What it more important than love. What could it possibly be? It really must be precious!

There is nothing more valuable than, your Time. To all your loved ones, both family and non-family. Let’s call them adopted family.

But especially your young relatives and even more importantly, your own children.

Not just sitting together watching a movie. Although, that is also, time well spent.

But giving time, and yourself, to them completely. Your undivided attention. Letting them know that, at this moment, they are the most important thing in the world. In your life.

In years to come, they will not remember what present you gave them in 2020. But more than likely, they will remember, times spent with: the fun Grandparent, the cool, reliable, Aunt or Uncle, or the dedicated Parent.

Your dedicated, undivided attention.

Well, there was my top 3. The most precious gift is, Your Time.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas. It is the season of giving.

I’ll sign-off with a line from that classic book, originally published in 1823: "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Tim StiX Dec 2020

Tim StiX is The Sober Bard on Vocal.


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