The Lie (For a child)

By Anthony Sanders

The Lie (For a child)
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This, folks, is a child’s lie; this is a lie that I told my grandma when I got in trouble. See, I got in trouble for climbing a tree. I go out early in the morning and try to find a tree to climb. I was never allowed to climb trees because my parents were afraid, I would get stuck, but I didn’t listen. I go out behind my grandma’s house to the woods. At the time my grandma lived on the bottom road at the top of the hill. Well I end up finding a tree, but it was a baby. It was only about five hundred feet tall. I look up this baby tree and start to climb.

I go up for a bit when I come across this bird house. I knock on the door and two squirrels let me in to play cards. I go in, to be polite, and we have milk shakes. After being there for about an hour of shakes, I had lost a hundred dollars and decide to leave. However, leaving made the rabbits mad at me, so I ran out the door. I ran up the tree until I couldn’t see the house anymore. Once I’m about halfway up I see a rest area. I walk over and get a drink out of the vending machine when I see a place to look out. I walk over to the stone wall and see the rolling hills of the flat lands. The view was really relaxing until I noticed that the sun has started to set. I turn to leave and put the drink in my pocket.

I go back to the climb. As I go is starts to feel like I’ve been climbing forever. Suddenly I find an elevator. I push the button and get in thinking it is faster. As I go up, we pick up a few mountain hikers, but they got off before me. Once I reach the top, I realized it was yesterday, so I guess it was faster. I step out to see that I could see the mountain tops surrounding me. I then turn and see the ocean. It is unbelievable to see them so close this time of year. I go back to the elevator and realize it was gone, so I was stuck.

I look around and I can’t think of any way to get down, so I call for lucky. You remember lucky the cat who sleeps next to my bed. We call him lucky on account he’s a chinchilla. I call for lucky so he can get me out of this tree. I see him wake up and get in a paper airplane. He got in his favorite model which is a Boeing 737. I don’t know why he likes it, but he does. He flies it over and picks me up. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough room for me, so I had to leave my shadow behind. I knew if I came back without a shadow maw would be mad, so we stopped off at a cloud and cut a new shadow out.

I fold it up and put in in my pocket before we head home. I run in and get a hug from maw. She sees I’m home and I had my shadow. I call lucky in and we have dinner. Now this is how I seen it. It could have happened, or it could have been an acorn on a stick I found that day. Anyways I hope you enjoy, and I hope you can relate.

The end

Anthony Sanders
Anthony Sanders
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