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"Talking back" and "not talking back" children

by Bula Sete 2 months ago in children
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Which is better for future development


In reality, many parents want their children to be obedient and understanding enough so that they can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble for adults. Many parents are very aware of the difficulties and problems they need to face in raising and teaching their children, so parents will certainly want their children to be obedient enough, preferably to be able to not talk back, so that they can make their lives a little easier. But many times parents are actually too concerned about whether their children are obedient enough to this issue, and even think that children's obedience is a good thing, but do not know that not all children are obedient enough, to begin with, and obedience of this nature may also bring negative effects on the growth of children, but many parents simply do not seem to understand.


"Talking back" and "not talking back" child, the future development of which is good? Parents should pay attention to it

But in fact, there are some children at a relatively young age, who have embodied a very like-to-talk back this habit, and many parents feel very distressed about this. But, will talk back and will not talk back to the child, will grow up to appear not small difference. Many of the children who will talk back, will have this habit, but also the family atmosphere is more democratic and warm and has a relatively large relationship. If the parents are relatively strict and treat their children more demanding, or even unsmiling, then the children often dare not contradict their parents, not to mention will backtalk this kind of thing. Children born from such families tend to become more reticent and introverted.

talk back

The children who grow up in a more relaxed and happy family atmosphere will be more lively and optimistic, they will often talk back to their parents, also because they realize that their parents do not criticize harshly, and will not be too harsh on the child's behavior, so the child will have the habit of talking back. Children who talk back often express their views and opinions when they talk back, which means that these children have more independent thoughts of their own. They don't listen to their parents' rhetoric, but rather use their brains to consider various issues.

What will be the difference between children who talk back and those who do not talk back in 20 years?

The children who do not talk back tend to be too obedient, and even in the long run, lose their ideas, everything will be obeyed by their parents, the children who talk back are more assertive and independent, this phenomenon is also the conclusion of a study done by a university. The difference between children who talk back and those who don't will be quite different after 20 years, children who talk back will grow up to be independent thinkers and opinionated people, while those who don't talk back, only a very small percentage of children will still be able to have their independent thinking skills when they grow up. After all, most children who do not talk back have been deprived of their independent thinking ability by their parents.

The parents need to pay attention to whether the child will talk back, not that the parents must let the child have the habit of talking back, even if the child's so-called talk back, is to express their views, and parents can also learn from the child's expression of this child's views on a matter. If the views expressed by the child are not correct, parents should give the right guidance, some children's so-called backtalk is too stubborn or just out of rebellion, children with this tendency should be corrected, so that children realize that not everything can be backtalk.

However, if the child expresses some views and opinions, there is no such thing as right or wrong, then it is okay to allow the child to have the habit of talking back. After all, children are expressing their views, parents need to do is to give their children the right to talk back, which is a respectful practice for children, and children will be more willing to communicate with their parents. If the child is always denied or even reprimanded by the parents for expressing their views and opinions, the child will naturally be reluctant to talk back easily because they know very well that they will be scolded if they do. Such children tend to become too obedient, and even some obsequious, grow up is difficult to be able to have their own opinion, but will become very blind, and follow the ideas of others.

The education of children is not a simple matter, every parent should have some more correct scientific knowledge, to be able to give the child more correct guidance. For the question of whether children should talk back, I believe that many parents have their answers. It is very normal for children to talk back, but they need to be guided correctly so that they can become a person with the right opinion in the future, rather than grumpy and rebellious people.


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