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Baby's financial intelligence should be cultivated before it is too late

This is not a joke.

By Bula SetePublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Baby's financial intelligence should be cultivated before it is too late
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Parents are the best teachers of their children, and how the children live in the future, a large part of it is the parents of the children's education, do not want the children to lose at the beginning of the starting line, then, as a mother and father should use some thought to educate their children. The child's quality first, financial intelligence should be ranked between the quality and behavioral habits. In any case, in my opinion, the earlier the child's financial literacy is cultivated, the better, and the earlier the child is exposed to financial management, the better.

1. Basic education: let your baby know what money is and what kind of attitude they should have towards it.

Neither in life to teach your baby that money is everything or the two extreme concepts of money as dirt, but through the daily consumption expenditure and use to tell your baby: first of all, money is not easy to come by, just let your baby learn to cherish money, we need to use and do plans carefully. Secondly, we must also let babies know that money cannot get all the things we want, such as joy, happiness, sharing, and other more important things, and not to indulge in it. Also tell your baby that the money mom and dad worked hard to earn is to pay for the expenses of the whole family, we have to learn to cherish it, otherwise, it may affect the life of the whole family (from a young age to develop the baby's sense of responsibility).

You can let your baby know these truths gradually and subtly according to the actual situation you usually communicate with your baby.

2. Practical action: you will get what you pay for

With the correct concept of money, in the actual use of money, but also to let our babies know how money comes from, labor and wisdom are the right way to get wealth. We can provide an opportunity for the baby to earn money, let the baby do some simple chores in exchange for pocket money, do not worry about the baby do not do well, once can not do twice, slowly the baby will know that there is no such thing as hard work.

3. Learn to save money: the way to hold wealth management wealth

When the baby has a certain amount of small money in hand (for the baby may be a huge amount of money), we have to help the baby manage this wealth, this time you can give the baby a small wallet or money jar (babies have a little bit of longing for the life of adults have), and when the baby is older, you can help the baby to open his / her account in the bank, including the money he/she saved, as well as the New Year's get When the baby knows his / her wealth, he/she is also quite happy with it. Because the baby realizes that he/she can also hold and manage wealth independently, he/she will also have a sense of responsibility for money.

When the baby began to recognize words and numbers, you can give the baby a ledger, and carefully record the expenditure and income of each piece of money, so that the baby is clear where their money is spent, and over time the baby will learn to manage their own money, know what to a buy what not to buy, will be more cherished money, will not be wasteful, spend money big (of course, this is for the big baby)

4. Establish the correct concept of consumption baby's mother should

do is to guide the baby to know what to buy and what not to buy in the process of consumption, although it is possible to buy some impractical things, but also the baby's own choice, we can not be angry and forceful to p, but slowly guide the baby to learn to spend. Some of the consumer places that babies like to go, how to familiarize themselves with the rules, including discount offers, etc., to help babies learn to use their money well. Our daily life consumption scenes, but also take the baby together to participate in, by ear, the baby will naturally also slowly know a reasonable use of money.

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