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Story of well known person.. starts believing that he is getting punished for his sin.. later he gets to know the bad incidents occuring in his life is due to ego of his friend..

By Vinod Kumar.CPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

Thappa ninaikadha, thappa ninaikadhannu… thappu thappu ninaika vechetanghaley daah.

Simbu (Sridhar) is business partner of Ajith (peter), both do legal and illegal business to come up in life. They say “Life is a play, just play with it. Without saying sorry to your sins.”

They both were handling showrooms around the city, it was named after ajith peters sister Diana Fernandez. Sridar was not excluded in business name, simbu Sridhar was from andra was married to rich industrialist daughter haripriya as subalaxmi.

He took dowry from subalaxmi and made his partnership with ajith stronger and established supermalls and supermarkets name sube Diana. Also sridhar was separately handling real estate firm sree venkenteshwara builder.

Both were not living hook and cook to be at top in every aspect. They were participating in promotional races, betting on games and winning everything or making them win by cheating.

There did everything to be on top, even they buyed government. In one instance.

Ajith takes simbu to minister and tells “we are waiting for approval signature from minister, this is power he is king. We should build our business to build our kingdom not leaving any offer.”

Everything was going as per plan, but one day.

Peter was planning for new showroom benz, then he met with an incident of train accident. A derailed train heads towards their car on the road and it was slight escape as Sridhar warns peter to reverse his car.

And here the train sound reminds him the incident he met with therefore yesterday, when both ajith and simbu raced a overtaking car in sigapura highway and smashed him to death near railway level crossing by hitting his car to contact with moving train.

Premji Amaran - joker sandy. He use to fun ride on highways with his imported bike riding gangs. Ajith and Simbu were going to resort for celebrating ajith’s birthday on the way Premji comes with his gang rash driving and distracting simbu’s car.

Simbu gets angry and gets into argument, ajith stops simbu and they move to resort. Simbu and Ajith reaches resort and they get down to have smoke in the shop nearby. Premji comes with the gang to the place and premji tries to tease ajith and simbu and asks them to make him their friend.

Ajith and simbu were waiting for this chance to teach lesson to premji. They ordered cigrate and continued smoking. Smoke after smoke, Smoke after smoke, then started fun part of ajith and simbu on premji.

After his birthday ajith thought everything is solved but Ajith was getting loss in his business and finding himself getting attacked by someone unknown in way of accident. Police enters in this situation and intograte with ajith.

Ajith says “I met with accident again after the train incident, when we returning from resort in a race with joker sandy.”

Joker sandy was intograted regarding the same; he remembers his last meet with ajith and advising him to watch final destination movie series for the incidents happening in his life.

In the integration he explains “me and my youth friends were going for zig zag race, we met with both and we thought of troubling them. But they troubled us and we went for a race after the meet. Ajith was in winning condition, but suddenly ajiths audi got tyre bust and toppled on the farm side to the road.”

Ajith also explained, when he tried to build hotel near the government land for road near airport. He faced consequence of plane crash and airport authorities undertaking his land. He explains it looked like it was someone’s revenge on him, as he went on encroaching lands in the city for his wealthy regime and building his friend simbus real estate business.

Ajith also told that “we enchroached empty lands inside city by putting slums to it, so the people will dare to approach them to vacant their land. Buying slum people was our power and we purchased everyone. We say slums are poor; they are poor. We made them poor. Politicians grow by bribing these week minded people, they are week for the money which they think is big. Why not if we provide them opportunity called money to be poor. But somewhere, somewhat is wrong. I was not threatened by people. These incidents known or unknown are threatening my mind. I wish police can help me to find if people involved in same”

He explains is another situation. Where he burned one of his showroom with people presence to claim insurance and get the acquired airport land by government. Simbu made the plan to short circuit the showroom, everything went as plan. But here was the hit as the new benz showroom guttered in fire as short circuit occurred by blast of the decorated stereo lights.

Police now integrates with ajiths father sathyajeet as Vicky Fernandez. Who were former business man of vintage cars and one of the owner of manufacturing plant general motors’ ambassador. He says “I was too business man, I was knowing the limits to do the business. But my son broke every rulez. He is a sin to Christianity. His generation has made them lazy, a group of Christian community boys started drag race. Then it got extended to drug dealing, gambling and more extend to earn money in anyways. They say if this is wrong, we will ask sorry to god (pavam manipu) and my religion thought to be not being coward. So we don’t care of doing sin. My son peter too became part of this group, they spoiled my business ethics. Religion ethics, he sold my trusty land for foreign business man. This was not a trust, its gift by god to me. This gift made me big business man in my history. He spoiled everything. I left him after this; me and my son peter are living separated from past five years.”

Ajith also claims that he has doubt on his friend and rivary business man ragunathans wife akhla kishore as vijaya ragunathan death. He then explains “we wanted to overtake ragunaths business by making her wife lustful in love with ajith, as per planed everything was getting worked out. But in between certain natural disaster like in a party when I tried to get close to her a light fall on me, on one instance a building fall on the road, While we were traveling in car. She was our easy target, as she too was not wishing to live with her husband. We got everything planned. He got loss in his business and her wife was making profit to our business. One last try to win a big bid, we met with road accident. A truck rammed us on highway. Where she died on the spot, the case was closed without any clue of my involvement in that accident, as it was ragunaths car. I really doubt the truck driver, he might be someone. Who has involvement to attack me.”

Here police finaly found that simbu’s involvement in the attacks and they arrest simbu. simbu tells to ajith “yes, I was involved in this because, ajith was using me as his slave. He was getting unknown profits in business. He was not agreeing for the same when I argue with him. Always he uses to tell “thapa ninaikada, unaku theriyama inda deal paniten”. I fought for him against others, who cheated us. I got angry on other, who said “thapa ninakada” to ajith and cheated on his back. But when he dint spare his father Vicky. I got angry, I argued. The same old story, he said sorry I did it for last time. How did he do feel to do that, Vicky was as my father. I dint like his attitude against him, so this made me to take revenge on him and kill him. I spoiled his every move; I also killed vijaya ragunathan in an accident. But he escaped, I dint live there after. I was troubling him without knowing to him.”

Ajith was shocked by this, he tells to police. My friend is not like that. He was my strength, he told me to do yagya for getting out of the accident incidents. He even agreed for police complaint. He was only belief in my life. I dint think he might go wrong.

But the situation dint closes here, the incident followed him. Whenever he did wrong, he got punished for the same. The situation was happening somewhat his karmas following him. Ajith got mentally depressed. He was gathering with people having drinking’s at local beech with fishermens, but he was very cared about his security. The situation was not changing. He got depressed, feared unnessarily.

His mind was speaking one voice of his father voice saying “hanavathila haliyadingoda, ungaluku oru naal varum da”. After few counseling from psychiatrics, he starts to move on and avoid shortcuts and wrong doing to people. He sold his business and settled in abroad with with car showroom. Kutram - any fault for gain is resulted in vain. “thapu senjaven thani kudichi haganum”


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