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I don't want to see my in-laws anymore

Love and hatred of inlaws

By Mogomotsi MoremiPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, there was a young couple named Jack and Jill. They had been in love for years and had finally decided to get married. They were both excited to start their new life together and couldn't wait to see what the future held.

However, one thing that they didn't anticipate was how much they would come to dislike each other's families. Jack's parents were extremely controlling and always tried to interfere in their relationship. They would constantly criticize Jill and make rude comments about her family.

Jill's parents were no better. They were always trying to control her life and make decisions for her. They would also constantly compare her to their other children, making her feel like she was never good enough.

The couple tried to ignore their in-laws' behaviour and focus on their love for each other, but it was becoming harder and harder to do. They would often argue and fight over the way their parents treated them, causing tension in their relationship.

One day, Jack and Jill decided that they had had enough. They sat down and had a serious talk about their in-laws and how they were affecting their relationship. They agreed that they needed to set boundaries and stand up for themselves.

They decided to have a meeting with both sets of parents and explain how they felt. They were both nervous but knew it was necessary.

At the meeting, Jack and Jill were honest and direct with their in-laws. They told them that they loved them but that their constant criticism and control needed to stop. They also explained that their relationship was suffering because of it.

Their in-laws were taken aback by their honesty but eventually agreed to change their behaviour. They apologized for their actions and promised to respect Jack and Jill's boundaries.

With the support of each other, Jack and Jill were able to navigate the difficult relationship with their in-laws. They learned to communicate their needs and stand up for themselves. They also made a conscious effort to spend more time together and focus on their love for each other.

Years passed, and Jack and Jill's relationship continued to thrive. They had children of their own and were grateful for the lessons they had learned. They knew that their in-laws would always be a part of their lives, but they had learned to accept them for who they were and not let their actions affect their relationship.

In the end, Jack and Jill realized that the most important thing was their love for each other. They knew that as long as they had each other, they could handle anything that life threw their way.

The couple lived happily ever after, with the love and support of each other, and their families. They knew that their love was stronger than any obstacle that may come their way and that it will always be a priority for them.

Dealing with difficult in-laws can be challenging. Here are a few strategies you can try:

Communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your concerns. Make sure they are aware of how their parents are impacting your relationship.

Set boundaries and stick to them. It's important to let your in-laws know what is and isn't acceptable to you.

Try to find common ground and things you can enjoy doing together. Finding shared interests can help to improve relationships.

Seek professional counselling or therapy if needed. Sometimes, an outside perspective can be helpful in resolving conflicts.

Remember that you are not alone, many people have difficult in-laws and you can find support from friends, family and online communities.

It's important to remember that you cannot control or change your in-laws, but you can control your own reactions and attitudes towards them.

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