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8 Things That Are Awesome About Pregnancy

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By Regina Stone-GroverPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Pregnancy is an awesome experience that is short and can go really quick if you just roll with it.

There are many things that people tell you about, but there are many things that you will discover as you allow your body to change.

1. You notice your bump before anyone else notices your bump.

As your body changes, you will notice the growth of your belly as everyone just thinks you're the same.

2. Your body works 24 hours a day to build the being inside of you.

You are working 24 hours a day and you feel it! It's alright, because as you continue to live on, you may begin to recognize how great it feels to "Slow down" and feel your body's changes. It becomes very difficult to keep the plans you've been making due to being so tired. As your body continues to build the being inside of you, sleep is very important, get your rest.

3. Self-care is super important.

Being pregnant doesn't just require that you pay attention to your quickly growing hair and nails, but it also requires that you pay very close attention to your water in-take, and skin care regimen. One of the best parts of taking time out for myself has been rubbing oils on my skin and belly. Keeping water close by throughout the day and night has also been very important.

4. You learn to listen to your body

There is a beautiful relationship that is gained through watching so many changes happen in such a small time. In fact, as you slow down to pay attention to the changes, you'll notice how they occur as you go. Keeping up with weekly changes of growth will also cue you into different times when you should rest more, and when being on the go won't be so draining.

5. You get to feel a life growing inside of you.

Watching your body change can be very exciting, and it can also be an adjustment. When you feel those first movements and you know that they are movements, the changes make sense. Weight gain and breast growth create an opportunity. Building a relationship with a person that will never know how intimately they once knew you, nor how you knew them. Enjoy it!

6. You get to live and see life through your baby's eyes.

Think of not experiencing anything alone. Every time you feel the warmth of the shower water on your skin, your baby feels it too. Every time you taste the fresh sweetness of a strawberry, your baby is tasting it too. What you see, feel, hear, and smell are all your baby's experiences. This goes for people that bring negative energy. It is meaningful to set boundaries with people.

7. "Take A Break" becomes a mantra.

The words "take a break" may sound natural, but this time, it's For Real. At first it may seem like an annoyance, but taking time for yourself to develop into your pregnancy, and it's changes are a gift. Taking moments to reflect can create a space for the new life that's coming.

8. You find your voice.

One of the most awesome aspects of pregnancy is the ability to advocate for the little person growing inside of you. In taking time to balance what is helpful and healing for you, you offer the opportunity for your child to know a balanced well-being.

Pregnancy is not the easiest time of life, but it can be a great opportunity to learn and grow. These are some experiences that I found awesome, but if you have experiences that you think were awesome, please share with me at: [email protected].

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