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What do you need to know about surrogacy?

Know the basics of Surrogacy

By Mikita ShahPublished 26 days ago 3 min read

When you are talking about surrogacy and treatment, the first question that must come to your mind is ‘What do you need to know about surrogacy?’ Surrogacy is a costly treatment compared to other fertility treatments, therefore a proper budget estimate for the treatment must be considered at the initial stage.

You can contact a surrogacy agency to know the financial outlay. You must be aware of the trends and technology in surrogacy and especially the laws and legalities situated with the treatment. Many times your country does not allow you for surrogacy treatment due to various reasons and sometimes countries have implemented a total ban on the treatment and here comes the role of an agency.

The agency will find the best possible clinic at a reasonable budget and within a surrogacy-friendly location (country or state where surrogacy is legal as per the circumstances). Many countries or states do not allow Individual or Gay intended parents for surrogacy, they can take the help of an agency and the agency will relocate the best surrogacy center. It is important to know that surrogacy is not vanity it is for medical reasons. There are heterosexual couples who are going through medical concerns such as Infertility (Infertile Sperm or Egg), damaged uterus, or genetic defects. Other than heterosexual couples, Gay couples, and single intended parents are also allowed for surrogacy.

All countries do not allow for the treatment, hence the agency will decide the location of the clinic based on your medical history, previous tests, laws, and location. For example, Armenia is a beautiful country and there the cost of surrogacy is low compared to the cost of surrogacy in USA, but the surrogacy law in Armenia does not legalize gay couple surrogacy and if you are a Gay couple who wishes to have your surrogacy treatment in Armenia, but the law is unfavorable for you there so the agency will help you find the best location suitable to your surrogacy treatment type, where the law for surrogacy is not rigid and permeable for you.

You might know everything but doing all the things on your own is impossible. You can google and find all the theoretical knowledge but what about the real procedure? You might know the process of surrogacy, you might know the cost of surrogacy, the law of surrogacy, best clinics for surrogacy but tell me can you manage all this on your own? It becomes challenging for an intended parent to manage all this stress along with the family stress, and work pressure. For all these procedures people will need an expert’s assistance and support. Probably taking the help of an agency can minimize your stress.

Surrogacy agencies work as mediators between the clinic, the intended parents, and the law. They have a dedicated team of experts to guide you throughout the journey of soon-to-be parents, from clinical assistance to emotional support, pre-birth to post-birth, an agency will always enlighten your parenthood journey. One of the best agencies for surrogacy that I would like to recommend is Global Star Surrogacy. It is one of the reputed and well-established surrogacy agencies partnered with top surrogacy clinics in more than 70 countries. It is well known for its transparency, affordability, quality support, and success rate. Rekha Suresh is a consultant at Global Star Surrogacy with 16 years of expertise in the field and provides free consultations to the intended parents. One can reach Rekha by sending an email to [email protected] and avail of the free consultation service.

Surrogacy is not a want, it is a need for those intended parents who are desperately in search of the solution to complete their family. These parents have everything but still, they feel empty because of only one thing and surrogacy is the only hope that they can seek for their family building. A complete family is the desire of every intended parent and Global Star Surrogacy has widened its arms so that an intended parent can embrace their parenthood.


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