Regina Stone-Grover

Alum of WMU with an MA in Counseling Psychology,  a Political organizer, Poet, Writer, researcher, analyst, and Spokesperson.  Seeking representation and writing opportunities . To Contact: [email protected]

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8 Things That Are Awesome About Pregnancy
4 days ago
Pregnancy is an awesome experience that is short and can go really quick if you just roll with it. There are many things that people tell you about, but there are many things that you will discover as...
5 People to Avoid When Dating
11 days ago
Love is complicated and fun; it is amazing and life changing. Finding love, however, is all of the above with some very brutal lessons in the process. In commenting on a friend's post, I was inspired ...
Domestic Violence: Is More than Romantic Abuse
23 days ago
A group of women and I came together to work for progressive and meaningful changes for women in our community. We all have many things in common, such as we advocate as women of color for people of c...
Reclaiming My Own #AuntieMaxine
a month ago
"Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself." - Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching We have seen a value in speaking out recently. We have seen the power behind making the choice to "put self first...
The #SupportSystem for #Racism
a month ago
As many of us are watching the USA's response to Charlottesville, VA, the media has begun to pick and choose what information becomes forgotten by the public. While we all get over saturated with Whit...
America Needs More Than Denial Right Now
a month ago
A friend posted "Beaumont to Detroit" written by Langston Hughes in 1943 on her social media profile the other day. For anyone unfamiliar with this piece, it is a very powerful reflection on America d...