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10 Best Pregnancy Apps

Want to constantly stay updated on the growth of your baby? These are the best pregnancy apps to download right now.

By Lilliana BlackmanPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

There's a ton to look forward to when you're pregnant—especially if it's your first pregnancy. What the gender will be, what he/she will look like, and whether he/she will take after you or your partner. And since everyday is a different day for you and your baby, it's only normal that you want to follow along with the process of your baby growing. Wouldn't you want to know which week your baby is developing her heart or which week your baby is developing his lungs? We shouldn't blindly be pregnant, but constantly be aware of what's happening in our tummies.

And since there are websites where you can log in what week you're at and they tell you some information, it's not entirely enough. But wouldn't it be better if you logged in just once and you're constantly getting notifications about the growth of your baby? The countdown to labor and finally meeting your child? There are so many apps out there that can fulfill your pregnancy needs when it comes to understanding the process of your baby's development. And using any of these apps is among the awesome things about pregnancy. So here are the absolute best pregnancy apps to download right now and understand everything about your pregnancy!

BabyCenter’s pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar app guides all expecting mothers through their pregnancy. Stay informed with week-by-week and even day-by-day growth updates, tips and methods, and fetal development videos timed for your exact stage of pregnancy. With this app, you can fully understand everything about the development process of your baby.

To start, you just enter your baby’s due date and everything else should be given to you. All of the health content is based on information from actual experts and reviewed by members of their Medical Advisory Board. This way you can always feel confident and prepared for the changes to your baby and your body.

Pregnancy and Baby Tracker is seen as one of the best pregnancy apps to install into your smartphone. This is another app that also shows you your baby's growth as well as counts down the days until labor. Chosen by over 15 million moms who all said this is an amazing app to use when you’re pregnant, it’s also among the world’s most trusted pregnancy brands. It guides all pregnant women through day-by-day and week-by-week processes. You just log in your baby’s due date and the tracker immediately begins to track your current baby’s growth.

You’ll receive personalized updates on your baby’s development, as well as tips from top experts, really useful articles, and the latest parenting news to understand and keep in mind. You can join a community of parents-to-be with due dates in the same month! With this, you can gain support from active, caring parents in a community that shares a post every three seconds!

Start looking after your pelvic floor muscles during and even after pregnancy with one of the greatest pregnancy apps ever—Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan. When a woman gives birth, she’s three times more likely to leak than a woman who never gave birth. Aside from that, one in three women who’ve ever had a baby will wet themselves. Either way, in many cases, urinary incontinence is the result of being pregnant and giving birth, but it’s preventable and treatable.

And this app shows you exactly how to exercise your pelvic floor muscles and improve bladder control. It also offers practical information and tips on bladder and bowel health. Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan includes great features like how to do pelvic floor exercises and receive reminders. There is also information about safe exercises to try during and after pregnancy. In addition, this app provides all women with health and well-being tips on looking after themselves during and after the pregnancy.

Known to be an Apple ‘Essential App for Parents’ and among Time Magazine’s Top 50 Apps of the Year, Sprout Pregnancy is an amazing app for all pregnant women. While it’s trusted and recommended by all expecting families across the globe, this app can guide you through your everyday process during your pregnancy. It can constantly keep you organized and educated about many exciting changes and developments that are occurring in your body, as well as your baby’s growth.

Since Sprout Pregnancy is seen as one of the best pregnancy apps, it’s also the only app that offers two amazing features. It shows users the Next Generation 3D Interaction, which is experiencing your baby’s world in great detail with real-life interactive movements, kicking, heartbeat, and so much more. It also provides you with a Pregnancy Journal where you can capture belly photos as well as your special pregnancy thoughts and moments!

Totally Pregnant is an app that answers almost all of the questions that keep popping into your head. It offers real advice from trustworthy people who care about you and your baby. This app also has a community of moms who are in the same boat as you and are always ready to help you whenever you need it.

In addition, this great app shows great recipes for managing morning sickness, videos of your baby growing, and maternity jeans recommendations when your baby bump is getting bigger. With astonishing 3D videos of your baby’s development, there are also video blogs from real moms-to-be across the globe who document their own pregnancy journey week-by-week and offering their best advice to those who need it.

When we're going through a pregnancy, not only are we thinking about what our baby will look like, but also the name! Some of us find it to be the biggest struggle to name our baby, because there are way too many names out there to choose from. And we want the ideal name that'll perfectly suit our baby.

That's why Baby Names is among the greatest pregnancy apps that shows us the beautiful and creative names to name our baby. Consisting of 30,000 names, this app makes it really fun and simple to pick a name. But aside from that, we get to see the meaning of each name, pronunciation, gender, and its origin. Filter the names by gender, origin, and even initial. Plus, it also provides you with a map view of any name’s origin!

Among the helpful pregnancy apps to install into your smartphone now, MommyMeds is a premier health and safety app for all pregnant and breastfeeding moms. While using prescription and over-the-counter medication, you can always ensure safe breastfeeding and care for your baby. This app can be used to scan the barcodes of thousands of medications and receive immediate and simple understanding information on drug safety and the ingredients.

The app allows you to scan medications for safety ratings. It’s very easy to use, and it can search from over 20,000 drugs and medications. So now whenever you're hesitant over a medication, this app can properly tell you everything about it.

Seen as the world’s most advanced and comprehensive pregnancy tracker, Glow Nurture is powered by data and is specifically designed for simplicity. It can rewrite the rule for what a pregnancy app should be and is completely customizable so they nurture your pregnancy, as well as your baby. And this app comes with a ton of great features to benefit your knowledge in your pregnancy!

You can customize your experience for your pregnancy and your baby, get alerts and insights that are based on the data you enter which results in a healthier pregnancy, and check out thousands of daily pregnancy articles about everything you need to know about pregnancy. With an innovative symptoms tracker and charts, there is also a community that can constantly give you advice and tips on anything revolving around pregnancy and your baby.

Labeled as the number one app for first-time moms and one of the best pregnancy apps, The Bump prepares every mom-to-be with a planner for each doctor visit as well as exclusive interactive 3D visualization of the baby’s growth. You also get daily, award-winning pregnancy and baby editorial articles. And for all of your questions, they can be answered with real-time answers from current moms.

The Bump always gives users trusted information that’s backed by experts and science that you can clearly understand. You can see an accurate size of your baby as well as what he/she is currently developing that week. Users can also check out daily pregnancy and parenting articles that can guide you through your journey.

Finally, from the greatest pregnancy apps ever is iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker. This app is the complete solution for tracking your pregnancy. Instead of downloading multiple apps to fully understand your pregnancy, this one app will give you all of the information that you need. With more than four years of experience in women’s health tracking, Winkpass Creations offers a high-quality, simple, and easy-to-use solution.

It can record and track your most precious experiences, visualize your trends, and allow you to go to each prenatal appointment prepared and fully confident. Within the journal, you can track multiple symptoms and moods, fundal height, weight, keep notes, and even track doctor’s appointments. You’ll constantly know what you and your baby are going through every week of your pregnancy.

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