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"This time it has nothing to do with living expenses", female college students sun and parents chat records, see the last tears

Do you inform your ideas to college students?

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 4 min read
"This time it has nothing to do with living expenses", female college students sun and parents chat records, see the last tears
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We always say that parents will willingly give everything for their students, and as long as the students are doing well, parents will be satisfied, but not all the time, parents will willingly give, such as when college students ask for living expenses. The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the marketplace, including the following

"This time it has nothing to do with living expenses", female college students sun chatting with their parents, see the last tears! There are many ways for college students to ask for living expenses, this college student is very direct, a sentence to show their meaning, and the result is really laughable to the hilarious, college students want five hundred yuan, while parents are bargaining, from three hundred to five. I think if the students do not accept it again, five blocks may also become fifty cents, ginger or old hot, not admire really can not, netizens said: this is definitely pro-life, and only pro-mother can do this kind of thing, visible, there are no longer a few students with the same experience, it is really too true.

In a family, mom and dad play different roles, and from the chat records of this college student, you can feel that the dad became a "pick up" person, obviously the living expenses given by the mother, but by the dad to save money to buy a fishing rod, this explanation down, so the college student speechless. I don't know who to talk to about my grievances, but it's a hard thing to ask for living expenses, but I've been "robbed" halfway, but what can I do? After all, it's your own father, bear with the past and forget about it, this moment, the college students expressed their heartache.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal of money for their own personal use. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

The same college students, this female college students and parents chatting records sentence after sentence show true feelings, but she is not for living expenses, see the last tears, is already late at night, female college students said: Mom, I dreamed of you, almost forget your appearance, after more to my dreams. The last sentence makes people instantly teary-eyed, the original female college students' parents have left, she knew that will not get a response, but did not stop to tell their heart thoughts, this may be a female college students' heart trust it, netizens see the tears DC exclaimed: "This time has nothing to do with living expenses", more hope female college students' The reason for this is that it is not about the cost of living.

Perhaps each college student has their own face of helplessness, it is really happy to grow up under the care and companionship of parents, but the appearance of the red exclamation mark, but also let the college students are very speechless, have you ever seen the red exclamation mark? This is what parents say to students. Just see the college students just indicate that they do not have money, they are parents a word veto, and then directly pull black, so that students know the red exclamation mark, college students straight: I really will thank, from the chat records of all college students and parents, you can feel that the parents of college students to ask for living expenses of this matter is very resistant, this is the problem of parents, or the students?

Why are parents so resistant to college students asking for living expenses? In my opinion, it is not the parents who are "stingy", but the problem of college students, college students should find the reason from themselves. If you don't know how to save, don't understand the hard work of parents to make money, and squander the living expenses given by parents freely, this is one of the reasons, so it is understandable that parents are resistant, if college students will spend their living expenses on books and studies, parents are willing to take out more money.

The parents do not expect the college students to reflect on themselves, but to say what they think directly. In the opinion of the parents, the college students are different from other students, their self-esteem is very strong, if the parents' words are heavy, not only will they hold a grudge, but also affect their mental health, so some words are not willing to say, in the matter of asking for living expenses is also the same. The author believes that this is not a correct approach, college students have mistakes to say, do not wait for them to reflect on themselves, otherwise this is not only a long process, but also delay the development of college students, so parents would rather directly say their ideas, I believe that the college students who are receiving higher education, will gladly accept.

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